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In Stock at photo-eye: Signed

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Four signed titles from Joan Fontcuberta, V.D. and two from Michael Northrup.

By Joan Fontcuberta
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"Scribbles, slashes and thick lines run through the printed text of great thinkers. Some pages have been meticulously obliterated while others are carelessly scratched out. The Deletrix, The Destroyer, is immediately visible, asserting himself with audacity on the page. Each example is a case study. Is a frantic scribble the mark of an uneven mind? What can be read in the tight and measured spirals that cover the words of Albert Krantz? Do we see creativity in the marks that obscure Luciano de Samosata's Dialogos or laziness in the fluid worm-like lines that cross (but only dim) the text of Conrad Gesner's Mithridates Gesneri?"—Sarah Bradley

Some Windy Trees: The Himalayan Project - Part 2
By V.D.
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Some Windy Trees by V.D. is a visual catalog of trees in the Himalayas, photographed in heavy winds. The artist intentionally left several pages blank within the book, as though to echo the wind in which the photographs were shot — a force that is felt but not seen. Limited to only 500 copies with each copy uniquely titled, signed and numbered by the artist on the back of the book, V.D. writes “some crazy copies are coming with a red scribble!”

By Michael Northrup
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“J&L published a book by Michael Northrup called Beautiful Ecstasy, it is brilliantly designed by Paul Sahre with most of the images covering both pages of the spread in full-page bleeds. Each reproduction is bisected by the gutter adding to the already rude imagery, which I would define as a sort of redneck snapshot aesthetic.” —Melanie McWhorter

By Michael Northrup
$40.00 — Purchase Signed Book

Published by J&L Books, BABE is a small but enticing book from photographer Michael Northrup. Working in color and capturing the mundane and strangeness of every day life, Northrup seems particularly interested in odd and comical moments. People are present in most of the photographs and strange juxtapositions fill each frame. A young woman looks softly into the camera holding a horse's muzzle while flies cover both of their faces. A man holds a stethoscope to his chest while his eyes roll into the back of his head. The photographs all seem to find humor in the humdrum and shed light on the oddity of domestic life.