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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Four signed titles from Brian Ulrich, Bobby Abrahamson, Espen Krukhaug and Robin Maddock.

By Brian Ulrich
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Selected as a Best Book of 2011 by:

"From Aperture and The Cleveland Museum of Art, Is This Place Great Or What by Brian Ulrich is the publication of his ten-year Copia project, documenting the consumer-centric atmosphere of contemporary America. The project grew from Ulrich’s curiosity at whether the 9-11 request of George W. Bush for Americans go out and shop to support the country was truly taken to heart. As economic turmoil overtook the country, it was clear that what Ulrich was documenting was a massive story. Separated into three sections, Is This Place Great Or What is a triptych of the collapsing American consumer system." —Sarah Bradley

The West Behind Us
By Bobby Abrahamson and Lisa Wells
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"The West Behind Us documents four small, rural towns in Oregon - Fields, Mitchell, Long Creek and Halfway - investigating the challenges faced by rural communities in an age of increased urbanization and economic depression. In the tradition of WPA era collaborations like James Agee and Walker Evans' Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, the book includes 44 striking black and white photographs by documentary photographer Bobby Abrahamson, along with extensive interviews with residents, and first-person narrative by author Lisa Wells." — from the Publisher's Description
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"Everyone knows what bands do when they are on stage, but these images are from behind the scenes, from the traveling and the partying, They document the world through the windows of a van, as these modern-day nomads rush from one city to the next, through unknown landscapes, with never enough time to really stop. Though unable to explore these cities the way a typical tourist might, Krukhaug manages to capture his images from a unique point of view, seeing things that a normal visitor just might miss. " — from the Publisher's Description

By Robin Maddock
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"The small white ball and other small white interventions that continuously bounce through the monochromatic landscape of Robin Maddock’s III are utterances, glances, skipped-beats and double takes; they represent tiny moments when the rules of life (or indeed photography) become arbitrary. The refined photographs of contrasting light and deep shadows suggest an underlying seriousness, transcending them from play to game. Moments of quotidian beauty are created from the simplest of gesture, with mirth injected into a seemingly concrete existence.

It’s said playing is the fundamental act of creation, and Maddock’s well-crafted images assert this through a page-turning game of association and recall. I’d have to recommend this book for the wry smile it will inevitably raise and the contemplation it quietly brings."—Barry W. Hughes