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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed on Sale Four signed titles from Benjamin Lowy, Ron Jude, Koji Onaka and António Júlio Duarte.
Iraq | Perspectives
By Benjamin Lowy
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Selected as a Best Book of 2011 by:
Susan Burnstine
Larissa Leclair

"Whether shooting through the interior frame of a Humvee or gazing through eerie green military-issue night goggles, Lowy captures Iraq in a truly unique, candid and at times heart-pounding manner. This brilliant perspective allows us to view the theater of wartime Iraq in a genuine, unflinching manner." —Susan Burnstine

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By Ron Jude
Imperfect copies with bumped corners and slight mars to edges.
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Selected as a Book of the Week by Melissa Catanese

"Ron Jude’s newest book, Fires, is a great example of my favorite type of photobook - one that invites collaboration between the author, the reader and its content. Fires poetically shuffles Jude’s three seemingly disparate projects (Alpine Star, emmett, and Lick Creek Line), including even a few outtakes from the original books. Its loose bound pages imply that meaning is not fixed and encourages the reader to engage both physically as well as psychologically." —Melissa Catanese

By Koji Onaka
Imperfect copies with bumped spines.
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"The town I had planned on visiting again one day disappeared one day
The town I was supposed to return to had become an unfamiliar town before I knew it
Person I thought that I could see anytime is no longer here
Photos are here for those that may be forgotten" —from the publisher

White Noise 
By António Júlio Duarte 
Imperfect copies with bumped corners and shelf-wear to covers.
$68.00 SALE $48.00 — Purchase Signed Book

"The vacant spaces feel like the cold and impersonal interiors of a spaceship, some sort of eerie and ominous futuristic world where the shadows are inky black and every surface reflects a harsh white light. Large decorative objects seem oddly imposing, as if they hold some secret purpose beyond ornamentation. Weirdly decorated hallways terminate in blackness or lead to blind corners. It is world of seductive sparkle, but is also unsettling, vaguely threatening. Paging through the book, the experience becomes more and more dream-like." —Sarah Bradley