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Book of the Week: A Pick by Manik Katyal

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Manik Katyal Emaho Magazine editor-in-cheif Manik Katyal selects Gold Coast by Ying Ang as photo-eye Book of the Week.
Gold Coast. By Ying Ang.
Self-Published, 2014.
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Manik Katyal, founder and editor-in-cheif of Emaho Magazine. Katya has selected Gold Coast by Ying Ang.

"I was introduced to Ying's work in 2012 at an informal talk at Angkor Photo Festival. I was just struck by the beauty of her images of the Gold Coast, but at the time I could not fully grasp it (why?).   Her work stayed with me as I felt the images were very thoughtfully captured and placed, presenting an interesting overview of the daily life in Gold Coast.

I recently met Ying during Arles 2014, where she urged that I spend some time with her recently published book Gold Coast. For that, I thank her. I feel lucky to have been exposed to her work with more intensity.

Gold Coast is a self-published book by Ying Ang where she presents a superficial and beautified view of Gold Coast in contrast with the underbelly of the region. Beautifully designed with a pink slip box and black & white textured cover, Gold Coast is Ying's personal memoir about the daily life of people around her, a realistic viewpoint without any manipulation that talks about her dark and surreal growing-up experiences. For me, Gold Coast is one of the most intimate book projects from the year 2014."—Manik Katyal

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Gold Coast. By Ying Ang. Self-Published, 2014.
Gold Coast. By Ying Ang. Self-Published, 2014.

Manik Katyal is the Founder, Curator, Photo Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Emaho Magazine — an online publication that aims to put forward emerging artists by organizing international exhibitions and workshops. Katyal is a journalist who has interviewed some of the world's renowned photographers. He was nominated for the ‘Creative Entrepreneur of 2012’ award by the British Council.

Katyal was a judge at the FORMAT International Photography Festival, The Reminders Stronghold Project Grant, and FotoDoks Workshop in support of VII Photo Agency. Katyal participated for 2012 Fotovisura Grant with fellow judges from Time, New York Times, CNN, New Yorker and many others. He served on the panel for the 2013 LUCEO Student Awards and the International Photography Awards 2013. Katyal also served as a portfolio reviewer for FORMAT International Photography, Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival, Angkor Photo Festival, Encontros da Imagem, and Arles.

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