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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Three books on sale from Darren Almond, Gilles Bonnecarrère and Kai-Olaf Hesse.
The Civil Dawns
Photographs by Darren Almond
Torch Press

Sale copies are imperfect with bumped corners
$63.00 — SALE $50.40

"British artist Darren Almond has been known for his works using variety of media, including sculpture, films as well as photography. This The Civil Dawns consists of 2 photographic series. 'Civil Dawn@Giverny' is a series of photographs taken in the Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny in the winter and summer, while 'Civil Dawn@Mt. Hiei' photographed foggy Mt. Hiei. Images of both series are captured by exposing to the momentary light of the break of dawn.

Releasing its brilliance, 'Civil Dawn@Giverny' depicts momentary, spontaneous faces of flowers in Monet’s garden at the very moment a day breaks. Those pictures, photographed with large-format Polaroid, which apparatus is discontinued already, seem like homage to the Impressionist."—the publisher

The Civil Dawns. Photographs by Darren Almond. Torch Press, 2014.

Male Dancers Wanted
Photographs by Gilles Bonnecarrère
Editions Lutanie & Prefere

$69.00 SALE $29.95
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"Male Dancers Wanted provides a rare glimpse into a New York strip club in 1976. Photographer Gilles Bonnecarrere captured the on-and-off-stage personas of the male dancers, allowing the photographs to become portraits of intimacy and distance. Sentimental exchanges between the dancers backstage provide an engaging and personal look behind the curtain. The male dancers perform for male onlookers, whose faces remain mostly obscured in the photographs. These images complicate the intimate narrative presented in the off-stage photographs as the viewer becomes another voyeur in the club."—Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 6

Male Dancers Wanted.  Photographs by Gilles Bonnecarrère. Editions Lutanie & Prefere, 2013.

Dresden Suite
Photographs by Kai-Olaf Hesse
ex pose Verlag

Sale copies are imperfect with bumped corners
$75.00 — SALE $60.00

"Is it possible to portray a city? How to avoid clichés especially with a city like Dresden, once the glorious 'Florence on the river Elbe,' then devastated in WW2 with inhabitants who would like to ignore historical facts and prefer to admire the restored landmarks only? A three-month grant allowed Kai-Olaf Hesse to explore Dresden in virtually all directions. Without prejudice he looked around and registered all from the re-erected Frauenkirche to the faded colours of abandoned factories. His style loosely connected to what is known as 'Contemporary German' is sober, but not without empathy for his discoveries regardless of their historic or other significance. As he wandered crisscross through the environment he came upon some obvious sights but even more onto easily overlooked and even stunning details. As the photographer is also an accomplished book designer and editor the double pages he created give his sometimes minimalistic findings further meaning. Kai-Olaf Hesse's mosaic-like portrait of Dresden encompasses genuine and dubious beauty."—the publisher

Dresden Suite. Photographs by Kai-Olaf Hesse. ex pose verlag, 2014

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