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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Three signed titles from Max Pinckers, Graham MacIndoe and Guy Tillim.
Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thristy
By Max Pinckers
$100 — Purchase Signed Book

The new book from The Fourth Wall photographer Max Pinckers. Copies on Amazon start at $140.

"The work revolves around the expression of love in India, including its problematics and wondrous beauty. A key subject throughout the series are the Love Commandos, an organisation who help young runaway couples from harassment and prosecution by their disapproving families. One such couple started their relationship by secretly talking to each other across their rooftops. This inspired me to stage an image based on this event." Max Pinckers in Rooms

"Pinckers’s photographs offer humor, drama, allegory, and poetry. Visually inspired by the culture of Bollywood—with its dramatized body language, passionate romance, and clashes between tradition and contemporary mores—Pinckers’s delicately constructed situations, and the genuine characters that populate them, are more fragile and nuanced than their cinematic ur-narratives, carefully balancing real-life constraints with the starry-eyed sensations of love. He captures the paradoxes of romance in a city where different generations, religions, and the push-and-pull of past and future have a stronghold on society and culture, even on the film industry."  Excerpt from a text by Paula Kupfer, Aperture Foundation, New York, March 2014

Will They Sing Like Raindrops Or Leave Me Thristy. By Max Pinckers. Self-Published, 2014

By Graham MacIndoe
$65 — Purchase Signed Book

Limited edition of only 350 signed and numbered copies. Books from this publisher typically sell out very quickly.

"The images in this series are of heroin bags collected years ago during a period of the Artists own addiction to the Drug.

Graham McIndoe became intrigued by the typography and design of the glassine envelopes used to package dope, stamped and marked with references to the popular culture of the time like Twilight, Crooklyn and New Jack City. Dealers branded and marketed their product like entrepreneurs in any business, pairing names like Dead Medicine with a skull and crossbones to appeal to risk-takers, or an airplane labeled First Class to give the illusion of grandeur." —the publisher

aLL IN by Graham MacIndoe.  Little Big Man Books, 2014.

Joburg: Points of View
By Guy Tillim

Limited edition of 200 copies  50 of which are signed and numbered.

"'In 2004 I spent four months in downtown Johannesburg. I saw the city then as a giant puzzle. My plan, to photograph small pieces at a time and put them together to create a portrait, soon seemed pointless in the face of the city's infinite impulses that could not be contained in a manner of my liking. I couldn't see everything and be everywhere. I realised that to suggest some kind of truth, it wouldn't matter particularly where I was, but I'd have to let the place speak through me rather than trying to assign co-ordinates to a piece of puzzle.'

Joburg: Points of View is comprised entirely of diptychs, pairs of photographs that both animate and freeze a momentary perception. Through the expansion of the field of vision we are compelled to recognize spaces on their own terms, and by the same notion we are called to question our way of looking." —the publisher

Joburg: Points of View by Guy Tillim. punctum, 2014.

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