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Best Books 2014: Jeffrey Ladd

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 Jeffrey Ladd Best Books picks from photographer and publisher of Errata Editions and 40x50 Editions Jeffrey Ladd.

By John Gossage
Waltz Books

From a very seasoned bookmaker, a brilliant trove of photos from Gossage taken in Saudia Arabia in 1985, unearthed with an equally smart layout and design. If this is one of Waltz Books first offerings then they are to be watched.
By Ken Grant

I can’t find a better way to describe with economy Ken Grant’s fine achievement in No Pain Whatsoever than to use his own words  “It began as a way of remembering the craftspeople and laborers of my adolescence…” This book is about the quiet hours and days, relationships that ebb and flow, flourish or fail, and what we do  and, sometimes, about all we can do.
By McNair Evans
Owl and Tiger Books

A surprisingly good debut book about family, secrets, disappointments and forgiveness. McNair Evans is a name to keep an eye out for in the future.
By Arwed Messmer
Hatje Cantz

Messmer’s last two books (The Other View and Berlin, Fruchtstrasse on March, 27 1952) were great and this is no exception. A collage of ‘evidence;’ images chosen from the MfS (Ministerium für Staatssicherheit) or East German Stasi archives.
By Christopher Williams
Walther Koenig

Get into Christopher Williams  work that increases brain activity and restores intellect to a world saturated with the easily digestible and superficial. Leave the words behind and use whatever you have.
By Joan Fontcuberta
Editions Bessard

Fontcuberta’s best book in a while. A history of a company that just happens to involve most of the great modernist photographers. Or does it?

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Alejandro Cartagena

Carpoolers is essentially a fascinating group of still-life photographs taken from a highway overpass  a ‘typology’ (of sorts) of pickup-trucks, day laborers and commuting. Interesting design and a well thought package.

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Joachim Brohm

Retro in almost every way  an early series of photographs by Brohm in combination with 1970s color palette in the design  this study of German ‘Schrebergarten’ (allotment gardens) describes more than meets the eye.
By Christof Neussli & Christoph Oeschger

The State watches protesters and the protesters watch back. One of my absolute favorite books of 2014. I haven’t ever seen a book quite like this one before.
By Thomas Roma & Giancarlo Roma

This small and unassuming book is a father and son collaboration weaving a tale in photographs and words through life in Brooklyn that references one of the great photographer and writer collaborations in a photobook history  Roy Decarava and Langston Hughes’ The Sweet Flypaper of Life.

Jeffrey Ladd is a photographer living in Koeln, Germany. He founded Errata Editions and runs 40x50 Editions. (