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Best Books 2014: Markus Schaden

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 Markus Shaden Best Books picks from Markus Shaden.
2014 — A year of the inexorable rise of the photobook. More and more photobooks are published every year. All over the world the photobook is establishing a powerful visual language — a new Esperanto. The standard of production and editing is getting higher and higher. It’s not easy to follow the worldwide production. My criteria for selecting some ten photobooks from 2014 were these: to surprise, touch and move me to look at the world in a new way. They are maybe not the best photobooks in everyone’s opinion — but the most outstanding photobooks for me. Here is my list :
By Mark Power

On the spot. A historic moment in history and special for Germans like me who were sitting faithless (breathless?) in front of the TV screen. The night of the Berlin Wall Fall at the checkpoint Bornholmer Strasse. We’ve seen only a small amount of footage from Bornholmer Strasse, but Mark Power was there too! Shooting pictures. 25 years ago he made a fantastic self made book, a tribute to that night of nights. Incredibly touching. And a visually impressive statement with his camera. Thank you Mark! Fantastic.
By Paul Seawright
Artist Photo Books

Paul Seawright on the social and political landscape in the USA. As strong as you can make in terms of images. Sublime and powerful.
By Ken Schles

If you love Ken Schles book Invisible City you will be excitied about the follow up. Nearly 30 years after Invisible City. New York City alive in the eighties. East village. Shot by one of Americas most underrated photographers. Printing by Steidl these days is amazing and super close to good old Gravure printing. Finally published!
By Carolyn Drake

Carolyn Drake surprised me with the Two Rivers book. In Wild Pigeon Drake did it again, turning her political and social view on a region 2000 miles away from Bejing into a new challenge. A brilliant solution for a complex problem and an equally brilliant solution from designer SYB to turn it into a great photobook.
By Robert Frank

A catalogue in the form of a full classic German SZ newspaper. (Including weather report of Mabou!) A great idea curated by Alex Rühle and printed at Steidl. The most famous living photographer (sic!) felt like he was in heaven seeing the catalogue and this show, also printed in newspaper-style. "Nothing left for the art market," Frank said after seeing the first copy and used it after reading to burn in his oven! Chapeau! Priced like a newspaper...
By David Magnusson

Purity by David Magnusson made me wake up suddenly in the night. This book is so disturbing especially when you are a dad of 3 daughters aged 2, 4 and 7. It pictures a relationship between daughters and fathers I never seen before. This book pushed me into a mood of permanent thinking. What a amazing quality for a photobook. Congratulations David!
By Laia Abril
Dewi Lewis

Once again in the family and daughter mode, the fantastically made book from Laia Abril brought me to the next step of thinking about family. Touching too.
By Émeric Lhuisset
Andre Frere Editions

A lot of great photobooks on politics came out in 2014. Hidden Islam is a great one and Euromaidan made by Riot Books is, too. But I like Émeric Lhuisset clear portraits of Maidan protesters a lot. Sharp and personal. Formidable.
By Akira Yoshimura
Oshomi Shuten

It’s always impressive to discover unknown photographic work in a well done and heavy catalogue. A missing link in Japanese photography for me. Awesome production.
By Jules Spinatch
Scheidegger & Spiess

Concept. A great concept. Jules Spinatsch is my master of the real concept work. Yes. Unbeatable. Incorrupt. Complex.

Markus Schaden, b. 1965 , bookseller, publisher and curator for photography, owner of, director of The PhotoBookMuseum lives in Cologne Germany and works worldwide.