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Best Books 2014: Sarah Bradley

Best Books 2014 Best Books 2014 Sarah Bradley Best Books picks from writer and photo-eye Blog Editor Sarah Bradley.

By Robin Maddock

This book is delightful and playful while capturing intrigue and a Noir-like tension. A bit narrative, a bit abstract, and a lot of great pictures of its three subjects: ping-pong ball, sheet of paper and spilt milk.
By Alejandro Cartagena

Brilliant design animates a series that could have been monotonous in book form. Instead, it is full of life and movement.

*This title is out-of-print. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Paul Graham

A little treasure of a book that feels wonderful in the hand and is cleverly designed to mimic the exhibition  gold page edges mirroring the gold frames, highly varnished images appearing on the page in relation to their height on the wall  rainbows at the top of pages, Graham’s sleeping partner in the center, and pawn shop at the bottom.
By Darren Almond
Torch Press

I don’t typically connect with work like this, but I adore this book. The softness of these images, the depth of their subtle hues and the tinted blank pages really stick with me.
By Hiroshi Watanabe
Daylight Books/Tosei-Sha

This understated series of thoughtfully paired photographs manages to hit on the fear and dread of life while naturally finding balancing with exceptional beauty and subtle humor.
By David Magnusson
Max Ström

This work and book is so perfectly placed on the line separating opinions on this subject that it is readable in either direction. To me it’s creepy, and an amazing balancing act.
By Sara Skogen Teigen

I love the rawness of sketchbooks. And this is a particularly interesting one, reproduced in wonderful detail.
By Mikhail Subotzsky & Patrick Waterhouse

I haven’t spent enough time with this book, but it’s impressive not only in volume but in the quality of the materials. It seems endless, just as it should.
By Johan Rosemunthe
SPBH Editions

I’m not totally sold on the passages from a 19th century text on alchemey, but the enigmatic images and photo capitons, creative design and somehow tactile color make this book something special. It almost glows.
Edit by Timothy Prus
AMC Books

A play about the rise and fall of humanity, as represented by a collection of 19th century microscope slides. It’s as ridiculous and brillant as it sounds.

Sarah Bradley is a writer, sculptor and costumer, as well as Editor of photo-eye Blog. Some of her work can be found on her website