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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Out of Print Three out of print titles from Rineke Dijkstra, Stephen Gill and Sarah Moon.

We're excited to feature a new selection of out-of-print books from our collection here at photo-eye. Due to limited availability, purchase links will put you in touch with us via email. The images in this post depict the actual books for sale. Questions? Send us an email.

Portraits: A Retrospective
By Rineke Dijkstra
D.A.P./Schirmer/Mosel, New York City, 2005

Signed and numbered limited edition of 100 with print. Number 36/100. Wrapper opened at edge of slipcase to view print and book, otherwise in new condition.
$2500 — Purchase Book

"Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra first met international renown for her graceful beach portraits of pre-adolescents. Maintaining a fixed traditional style with a repeated frontal approach, Dijkstra documents various subjects removed from their social environment and caught in transitional states: teenage soldiers as they enter the service, mothers just after giving birth, bullfighters after exiting the arena, to name but a few. More than simply documenting a transitional moment, Dijkstra concentrates on that time just after the momentous event (the induction, or the birth, or the bullfight) and reveals a heightened tension in the subject who is delicately poised on the edge of an unknown future."—the publisher

By Stephen Gill
Nobody Books and Centre national de, 2012

Limited edition of 100 copies with unique hand marbled cover made by Stephen Gill. Signed copy in shrink-wrap.
$935 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2012 by:
Alec Soth
Martin Parr
Markus Schaden
Tom Claxton

"Coexistence In the summer of 2010 I was asked if I would be interested in making a photographic response to an area containing a pond situated within an industrial wasteland – the remains of the deceased steelmaking industry in Dudelange, Luxembourg. My only previous experience with ponds had been during my teenage years, when an obsession with pond life led me to spend long hours in my bedroom wearing a lab coat and peering into a microscope. That obsessive immersion into a strange and disorientating world had a profound effect on me personally, and certainly left its mark on many of the photographic studies I have subsequently produced. I knew that the pond in Dudelange would be teeming with unseen life now that its industrial past had come to an end."—the publisher

By Sarah Moon
Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto, 2004

Signed first edition with very slight wear to edges of boards. In beautiful condition.
$500 — Purchase Book

"The Little Match Girl by master storyteller Hans Christian Anderson serves as the inspiration for this modern remake by Sarah Moon. The premise of the classic fairy tale remains the same—a young waif sells matches in the street during the heart of winter. Night closes in, the temperature plummets, and the girl, compelled to wander by the desire for both heat and love, begins to burn the matches in a desperate attempt to stay warm. Moon, who has rewritten the text herself, uses the circus as a new motif. A beautiful performer has fled with her lover and the entire troupe is forced to suspend their shows. Even the elephant won't perform. Her youngest daughter embodies Anderson's little match girl, wandering the streets in search of her mother. Winter is upon them all and the story, illustrated throughout by Moon's gritty, fantastical photographs, culminates with the same tragic ending as the original."—the publisher