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Book of the Week: A Pick by Jon Feinstein

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Jon Feinstein Jon Feinstein selects Tar Beach Blind by Curtis Hamilton as Book of the Week.
Tar Beach Blind by Curtis Hamilton.
S_U_N_, 2014.

This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Jon Feinstein who has selected Tar Beach Blind by Curtis Hamilton published by S_U_N_.

"In the recent storm of new photobook artists at PS1’s New York Art Book Fair this past fall, it was a fun challenge to wade through the hundreds of thousands of photography books on display. One of my favorite standouts was Curtis Hamilton’s Tar Beach Blind.

Hamilton is one of a few photographers who can take the practice of beautifying the mundane, often a tired trope in student photography, and bring it to highly personal and transcendent levels with images that are sculptural and occasionally psychedelic. Tar Beach Blind is a tightly edited collection of these stark, large format black and white moments that turn everyday ephemera from his neighborhood: street trash, discarded lottery tickets, envelope security patterns and other often overlooked objects into photographic gold. They tell a dark story of his surroundings but are edited with an ambiguity that keeps them mysterious."—Jon Feinstein

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Tar Beach Blind by Curtis Hamilton. S_U_N_, 2014.
Tar Beach Blind by Curtis Hamilton. S_U_N_, 2014.

Jon Feinstein is a curator, photographer and the Co-Founder of Humble Arts Foundation. For nearly a decade, Jon has curated numerous exhibitions, most recently including New Cats in Art Photography, Another New York for Art-Bridge at The Barclays Arena, Aneta Bartos’ Boys at the Carlton Arms Hotel, and 31 Women in Art Photography at Hasted Kraetleur. His various projects have been covered by The New York Times, BBC, Slate, Huffington Post, Hyperallergic, Blouin Art Info, and Time Magazine. Find him shamelessly on Instagram and Twitter @jonfeinstein.

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