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Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 9

Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 9 photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Today we highlight titles from Mona Kuhn, Dafy Hagai, 9mouth, John Ciamillo, Miroslav Tichy and Sasha Stone.
photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Past editions can be found here.

Private — SIGNED
Photographs by Mona Kuhn

For her fifth book with Steidl, Mona Kuhn has entered the heart of the American desert and returned with a sequence of pictures that is seductive, enigmatic and a little unsettling. Private proposes a world in which concrete reality and the imaginary are one.

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Israeli Girls
Photographs by Dafy Hagai

Hagai set out to show suburban girls who, like their Western counterparts, are just dealing with growing up, learning about their body, ownership and sexuality. In short, she captures the beauty of girl power in her hometown.

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Zine Collection N°20: Menstrual
Photographs by 9mouth

In 2011 Chinese photographer 9mouth started "invading" the private lives of women with his camera, producing an intimate series of nude portraits. Finding that he was photographing a single woman every month, he began to refer to the project as Menstrual, also feeling that his love of his models lead to his own "torturous menstruation." This edition is limited to 300 copies comes with an original C-print signed by 9mouth.

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Photographs by John Ciamillo

passage is John Ciamillo's first book, the work is a collection of intimate portraits photographed on his travels to Europe and at his home in New York. Photographed with polaroid and printed 1:1 the printing and book construction reflect the delicate nature of the subject matter presented in the images.


Miroslav Tichy
Photographs by Miroslav Tichy

Miroslav Tichy created, in communist Czechoslovakia, from early 1960 to mid 1990, an obsessive photographic work around the female form, reinventing all parts of photography at the margins of any artistic current.

Trace shelf-wear to edges of covers, otherwise in new condition. This book normally fetches a price between $275 - $1000; ours is offered for $250.

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Les Femmes
Photographs by Sasha Stone

Sasha Stone (1895-1940) belonged to the circle around the constructivist periodical "G", which included Moholy-Nagy, Mies van der Rohe, El Lissitzky and Walter Benjamin.

Most plates Fine-/Near Fine; traces of edge wear; crease in the top blank margin of one plate, closed half-inch tear at bottom of another. Folio Very Good+ with some scuffs and few scratches; spine joint fragile.

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