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Book of the Week: A Pick by Guilherme Gerais

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Guilherme Gerais Guilherme Gerais selects Conversations by Remi Coignet as Book of the Week.
Conversations by Remi Coignet
The Eyes Publishing, 2014.
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Guilherme Gerais who has selected Remi Coignet's Conversations from The Eyes Publishing.

"You are walking down a street, it's cold, there's a white door. You open it.

There are plenty of people, a lot of talking, and you ask for a coffee. Don't be shy.

You buy a book. You open it and read; 'Seeing my photobooks is like seeing images of my souvenirs and thoughts. What matters is the confrontation between the viewer's memories and thoughts, and mine. Something happens at that moment,' says Moriyama. You keeping going, flipping through some pages ' photography you start with infinity: everything is happening in every direction at every moment. Where do I start? What do I choose? You are directly engaging, dancing with life itself,' says Paul Graham. The bartender stares at you. You look around. Engström, Leitolf, Vartanian, Schmid, Hugo, Pernot. You get your notebook and write some notes.

'...Photography for me is a means of access to learn something,' Anders Petersen answered. You read, read, read. You go outside, smoke a cigarette. 'We've always felt quite trapped by the idea that we'd need to repeat ourselves. We dislike repeating ourselves,' say Broomberg and Chanarin. You can't stand still, you grab your camera. Walk, walk, walk. You feel invisible. 'The process of taking photos is an attempt to understand the world. For me, that means looking with intent and concentration,' Guido Guidi inspires. You turn around the corner, suddenly you see them everywhere; Hornstra, Levitas, Mack, Fernández, Blaufuks, Attinger, Dallaporta, Faucon, and more. You are not alone.

These conversations should last forever."—Guilherme Gerais

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Conversations by Remi CoignetThe Eyes Publishing, 2014.

Guilherme Gerais is a photographer and cinematographer from Brazil. In 2014 he published the book Intergalático, self-published by Avalanche.

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