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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Five new signed titles from Antoine d'Agata, Dagmar Kolatschny, Clara Bahlsen, Tiane Doan Na Champassak and Daido Moriyama, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
Photographs by Antoine d'Agata published by SUPER LABO
$200.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

Slipcased. Limited edition of 500 with numbered and signed certificate.

"The void surrounds me and eats my belly. Through the clear glass of the car window, everything is grey: slow descent into a warm and acrid cell nucleus, memory wearing off through scattered images whose logic is as atomized as the territories I go through. The method, because it takes the form of a diary whose structure is premeditated in order to challenge its own rules, ends up depending on resurgences that alter the physical space of the exclusion zone. I am being led by my own moves from fear into stillness, knowing every gesture traces an impossible path to be followed."—Antoine d'Agata

Photographs by Dagmar Kolatschny published by Peperoni Books
$48.50 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Sunlight’s subtle manifestations, both indoors and outside, are the subject of this photobook by Berlin-based artist Dagmar Kolatschny. Here she explores the tremendous contrast between the sun as the life-giving force of our planet, an incomprehensibly powerful engine pouring its energy into space, and our perception of its often delicate and ethereal presence. She searches out and captures those easily overlooked moments, from oblique orthogonal shapes cast on an interior wall and glistening water droplets on glass, to a hazy pillar of light descending from an opening in the roof. Even the coloured refractions of light on the camera lens have a place here."—Peperoni Books

Töchter (Daughter)
Photographs and self-published by Clara Bahlsen
$57.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"The work Töchter (Daughters) deals with the question of origins and family, and their individual significance for biography and identity. The work is underpinned by the correspondence between constructed »house« sculptures and the portraits of young women. In both artistic positions, interior worlds are revealed."—Clara Bahlsen

Photographs by Tiane Doan Na Champassak published by Editions Bessard
$125.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"«August, 1943. Night is falling on Calcutta, silencing its flocks of ravens, but wakening another kind of life – a feverish, hidden one : in the Maidan, that open space at the city’s heart, there are shadows waiting.»

My uncle, Thaï Doan na Champassak, published Ancestral Voices by Collins – London in 1956 and began his autobiography with this sentence. Mobilised in Algiers during the Second World War, he was sent to China as a trained parachutist in charge of a secret mission destined for clandestine entry into Indochina, then occupied by the Japanese."—Tiane Doan Na Champassak

Photographs by Daido Moriyama published by Super Labo
$95.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

Now in its second printing.

“Elias Canetti's brilliant "Die Stimmen von Marrakesch" is a book I like and one that I find myself casually re-reading once every few years. Each time I do, I will the memories from a faraway past of the short, week trip I took to Marrakech, already a quarter of a century ago to come back. The nostalgic scenes of the many sounds, aromas, and crowded streets vividly return to my closed eyes.” —Daido Moriyama

Two separate groups of collated signatures are bound one above the other. Hardcover with slipcase. 88 pages x 2.

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