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Book of the Week: A Pick by Matt Lutton

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Matt Lutton Matt Lutton selects Antibodies by Antoine D'Agata as Book of the Week.
Antibodies by Antoine D'Agata.
Prestel, 2014.

This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Matt Lutton who has selected Antibodies by Antoine D'Agata from Prestel.

"When I first saw Antibodies in New York, about a month ago, I found it presented at the bookstore with a cheeky card tucked behind the cover saying 'If You Liked Humans of New York.' It was a bit of a nasty joke, but one that made me smile and wonder if anyone would take the suggestion and encounter something new and startling. I only wish more people interested in that particular pop-photography work would dig a little deeper and follow D'Agata in to his world.

D'Agata's work is a force that I've admired for years. But I've never been able to track down a physical book for myself, in English or another language, so this edition is hugely welcome. This tome will immediately be a cornerstone in my collection.

This is a massive book. It showcases the breadth of D'Agata's visions. It is full of his iconic images but also some very interesting layouts of typologies: contact sheets, portraits, buildings, mugshots. For me it is a trove of new projects, tangents, threads, ideas. This massive rush of imagery compliments his subjects, and it is a roiling mania or insomnia of drugs, sex, loss and longing.

It short: it is gorgeously printed, has almost all of D'Agata's work in one place and is in English. Get it while you can."—Matt Lutton

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Antibodies by Antoine D'Agata. Prestel, 2014.
Antibodies by Antoine D'Agata. Prestel, 2014.

Matt Lutton is American photographer until recently based in Belgrade, Serbia. He is the author of Only Unity, which was exhibited in Belgrade in 2013 and awarded the Burn Magazine Emerging Photographer Grant in 2012. He is a co-founder of the blog Dvafoto.