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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Sale Four titles on sale from Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Chen Jiagang, Daido Moriyama and Darren Almond, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.

Photographs by Yoshihiro Hagiwara published by Tosei-Sha

Sale copies are imperfect with bumped corners
SIGNED $78.00 SALE $62.40 Purchase Signed Book

Sample Room
Photographs by Chen Jiagang published by Editions Bessard
SIGNED $130.00 SALE $59.95  Purchase Signed Book

"Looks Pretty
Games of Survival in Chinese Model Homes

Looking across history, changing societies pass through three phases. The first phase is an accumulative phase, where society plants a gourd and gets a gourd, plants a bean and gets a bean. The second phase is a transfer-of-wealth period where gourds and beans are planted but plundered by others. The third phase is a mature wealth phase where gourds and beans are planted and reaped in bounty. Chinese real estate is currently in the second phase mentioned above, which is the most problematic phase. In this period, survival and safety are the paramount concerns."—the publisher

Zoo No. 1
Photographs by Daido Moriyama. Music by David Grubbs, Matmos, Mount Eerie, Jan Jelinek, Lau Nau and more published by PowerShovel
$400.00 SALE $175.00 Purchase Book

"Box includes two picture vinyl records, one CD, Menko, 10 prints and stray dog pop-up card. Limited to 1,000 copies."—the publisher

The Civil Dawns
Photographs by Darren Almond published by Torch Press

Sale copies are imperfect with bumped corners
$63.00 SALE $50.40 — Purchase Book

"British artist Darren Almond has been known for his works using variety of media, including sculpture, films as well as photography. This The Civil Dawns consists of 2 photographic series. 'Civil Dawn@Giverny' is a series of photographs taken in the Claude Monet’s garden at Giverny in the winter and summer, while 'Civil Dawn@Mt. Hiei' photographed foggy Mt. Hiei. Images of both series are captured by exposing to the momentary light of the break of dawn.

Releasing its brilliance, 'Civil Dawn@Giverny' depicts momentary, spontaneous faces of flowers in Monet’s garden at the very moment a day breaks. Those pictures, photographed with large-format Polaroid, which apparatus is discontinued already, seem like homage to the Impressionist."—the publisher

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