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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Four signed titles from Aaron McElroy, Carol Yarrow, Takeshi Shikama and Jerry Uelsmann, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
After Wake (Second Edition)
Photographs by Aaron McElroy published by Ampersand Editions
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"After Wake is a collection of visual fragments and anonymous female subjects from the artist’s daily life. Separated from the minutia of McElroy’s lived reality, however, the photographs also allow for an endless drift of fictitious suggestion and voyeurism. After Wake can be a half-alert morning recollection of disjointed dreams. Or it's a catalog of contradictory eyewitness accounts. It may also be selections from the visual diaries of a life-long peeping tom. Perhaps it's a snapshot paper trail of lovely women from a savant's poetic thoughts."—the publisher

One Mahogany Left Standing
Self-published by Carol Yarrow
$50 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Carol’s imagery is intimate and ghostly – details in her work relay the deep bonds she forged with Nahá families over different periods of time. Bonds formed by helping to prepare food for meals, reading to children, and by sleeping with a mother to comfort her after the loss of her son.

These are some of the stories we are told: A boy holding a bird destined for soup, feathers in its wings symmetrically splayed. A man in a traditional tunic and long hair with bangs proudly wears a digital watch on his wrist. Forests of charred mahogany stumps. A dugout canoe glides through the still water, tide lapping against the side, morning fog burning off slowly." —Laura Moya (Director, Photolucida)

Silent Respiration of Forests: Mori no Hida
Photographsand by Takeshi Shikama published by tosei-sha
$92 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"This series of photographs is an expression of my search for the soul of the deep forests.

One day in early autumn in 2001, just as twilight was setting in, I had lost track of the mountain paths. I happened to wander into a shady forest, where I found myself suddenly seized with a strong desire to take photographs. The following day, I set out once again, carrying my camera with me this time, and searched for the same forest. This experience made me realize that I was not taking photographs of the forest out of my own will, but that the forest was inducing me to take its photographs."—Takeshi Shikama

Uelsmann Untitled: A Retrospective
Photographs by Jerry Uelsmann published by University Presses Of Florida
$45 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"For more than fifty years, Uelsmann has relied exclusively on analog tools, crafting images by integrating multiple negatives and processing effects. His explorations of 'the alchemy of the darkroom' have resulted in a unique, transformational style that continues to influence, inspire, and fascinate artists, photographers, and museum audiences across the world."—the publisher

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