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Book of the Week: A Pick by Maki

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Maki Maki selects New Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama as Book of the Week.
New Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama 
Getsuyosha, 2014.
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Maki who has selected New Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama published by Getsuyosha.

"I was in Japan when I first read Shinjuku (Getsuyosha, 2002), which I considered as one of the best photobooks of Daido Moriyama (besides the historical Farewell Photography). That was in the last decade. I had rented a small and cheap room with my girlfriend Masami in Shin-Okubo, the Korean area right next to Kabukicho in Shinjuku. As I was looking at the book every night, attracted like a magnet to those pictures when back home, I recognized the places I could go myself in my day and night walks towards the neighborhood. I was not only fascinated by this geographical immersion but by the straight to the point editing of the book, inventive, with a great freedom and spontaneity, revealing the personality of the photographer and something that has been little said about him: his humor. Today with this new edition the book is rediscovered and restructured, compiling the original book with the book Shinjuku + (Getsuyosha, 2006) and expanding it by 150 pages and 110 new and unpublished pictures taken by the photographer during 5 years around 2000 in Shinjuku. This New Shinjuku keeps the atmosphere and the essence of the original but with a new edit. After all these years I realize with this new revised and expanded edition that it's not only one of the highlights of one of the best photographers of our time, but also a historical document of Japan."—Maki

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New Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama. Getsuyosha, 2014.
New Shinjuku by Daido Moriyama. Getsuyosha, 2014.

Maki — French photographer for over 30 years. Collector of photobooks. He was founding member of the collective SMOKE of European photographers (2007-2012). Publisher of the mini photobooks collection M├ędia Imm├ędiat. Photobooks reviewer on websites as well as in the "Photobooks Collectors" Facebook page.

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