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In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Martin Parr

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Martin Parr 12 signed titles by Martin Parr including Hong Kong Parr, Life's a Beach, Up and Down Peachtree, The Photobook: A History Vols. I-III and more — all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
We are delighted to have in stock signed copies of twelve Martin Parr titles! Supplies are limited and orders will be filled first come first serve basis.

Hong Kong Parr
Photographs by Martin Parr
Gost Books, 2014

$60.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"British documentary photographer and photojournalist Martin Parr turns his lens on the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong, where his characteristic take on aspects of modern life continues at times to be both intimate and satirical. This series of images portrays familiar and everyday scenes of leisure, consumption and transit in the city. Food is a central theme, though Parr often seeks out those things which may be curiosities to Westerners."the publisher

Photographs by Martin Parr
Dewi Lewis, 2009

$53.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"When Martin Parr’s The Last Resort was first published and exhibited in 1986 it divided both critics and audiences alike. Some saw it as the ‘finest achievement to date’ of colour photography in Britain whilst others viewed it as ‘an aberration’. With the benefit of hindsight there is little doubt that it transformed documentary photography in Britain and placed Parr amongst the world’s leading photographers. The book is now recognised as a ‘classic’ and is highly sought by collectors worldwide."the publisher

Martin Parr
Photographs by Martin Parr
Phaidon, London, 2014

$105.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Beginning with Martin Parr's early black and white work, and moving through the development into his signature colour-saturated photographs, this newly updated monograph provides a complete overview of the acclaimed Magnum photographer's career to date. By placing the everyday at centre stage, Parr is best known for his sharp and witty visual chronicling of British (and later, global) idiosyncrasies."the publisher  

Life's a Beach
Photographs by Martin Parr
Aperture, 2013

$25.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Following on the heels of Martin Parr’s limited-edition, album-style publication Life’s a Beach, Aperture now presents this beach-friendly mini edition. Parr has been photographing the topic of the beach for many decades... What is perhaps less known is that this obsession has led Parr to photograph beaches around the world. This compilation, his first on the topic, presents photos of beachgoers on far-flung shores, including Argentina, Brazil, China, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Japan, the United States, Mexico, Thailand, and of course, the U.K."the publisher

We Love Britain!
By Martin Parr
Schirmer/Mosel, 2014

$43.95 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"What does Hanover have to do with the United Kingdom and British Magnum photographer Martin Parr? Quite a lot, actually! Firstly, Hanover is celebrating the 300th anniversary of the coronation of Hanoverian Prince-Elector George Louis as King George I of Great Britain and Ireland. Secondly, the Sprengel Museum Hanover felt that no one was better suited than Martin Parr when it came to taking a tongue-in-cheek look at local Anglo-German history."the publisher

The Photobook: A History: Volume 1
By Martin Parr and Gerry Badger
Phaidon, London, 2004

$90.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"While the history of photography is a well-established canon, much less critical attention has been directed at the phenomenon of the photobook, which for many photographers is perhaps the most significant vehicle for the display of their work and the communication of their vision to a mass audience. Co-edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger, The Photobook provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the photobook, from its inception at the dawn of photography in the early nineteenth century through to the radical Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, by way of the modernist and propaganda books of the 1930s and 40s. Available now in its second printing."the publisher

The Photobook: A History: Volume II
By Martin Parr and Gerry Badger
Phaidon, London, 2006

$90.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Following on from the success of the first volume, The Photobook: A History volume II brings the story of the Photobook fully up to date. It features publications by many well-known photographers ranging from Man Ray, Ed Ruscha and Andy Warhol to Christian Boltanski, Stephen Shore and Sophie Calle by way of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky and Lewis Baltz. Several innovative books by unknown photographers are also included, offering an opportunity to discover these overlooked works."the publisher

The Photobook: A History: Volume III
By Martin Parr and Gerry Badger
Phaidon, London, 2014

$105.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"This comprehensive study of the contemporary photobook brings the history of the genre fully up to date, highlighting over 200 books dating from World War II to the present day.

Photographer Martin Parr and co-author Gerry Badger offer a fresh approach to photographic history, focusing on the development of photography in its published form and covering key genres such as conflict, memory, society, place and desire."the publisher

Bad Weather: Books on Books No. 17
Photographs by Martin Parr
Errata Editions, 2014

$44.95 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Published in a landscape paperback format by A. Zwemmer Ltd in 1982, Bad Weather was the debut monograph of one of Britain’s most world-renowned and prolific photographers. Armed with his famous wry humor and a water-proof camera, Martin Parr (born 1952) captured the social landscape and national character of the UK during downpours, drizzles, snow storms and other challenging varieties of the weather for which Britain is so famed, in gentle, charming, black-and-white photographs. Bad Weather has been out of print for 30 years and is now one of Parr’s most sought-after books."the publisher

Up and Down Peachtree
Photographs by Martin Parr
Contrasto, 2012

$45.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"In this volume, which accompanies a massive exhibition scheduled for July 2012 at the High Museum of Art of Atlanta, Martin Parr explores his fascination with concepts such as leisure, consumption, communication, and how these themes play out in America."the publisher  

Photographs by Martin Parr
Dewi Lewis Publishing, 2014

$53.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Over the last four years Martin Parr has been working on a commission for Multistory photographing the Black Country. It was an area he knew little of, other than its reputation as a densely populated, post-industrial area; one in decline. Many of the industries that once made the Black Country great have declined, but numerous small factories and manufacturing businesses remain in good health."the publisher

Grand Paris
Photographs by Martin Parr
Editions Xavier Barral, 2014

$50.00 SIGNED — Purchase Book

"Since 1982, Paris Audiovisual and the Maison Européenne de la Photographie (MEP) have commissioned great photographers to capture their views of Paris. Taking up the task after Henri Cartier-Bresson, Edouard Boubat, Ralph Gibson, Mimmo Jodice, Bruce Davidson and others, Martin Parr (born 1952) hones in on the city, and on Parisians and the tourists who inundate the French capital."the publisher

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