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Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 12

Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 12 photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Today we highlight titles from Massimo Leardini, Miroslav Tichy, Aaron McElroy and Ryan McGinley.
photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter features books that explore the human form in a variety of ways. Past editions can be found here.

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Photographs by Massimo Leardini

As featured in Desire: New Erotic Photography

The first book specifically devoted to the Scandinavian works of the Italian photographer Massimo Leardini. Presented in a luxurious large format clothbound hardcover book and beautifully reproduced using Triotone offest printing on Arctic Volume Ivory paper.

Rooted in the classical tradition, Leardini uses his unique aesthetic sensibility to capture the human body in harmony with the timeless Scandinavian landscape.

This First Edition is limited to just 440 numbered copies of which only a few remain.

photo-eye is taking pre-orders for copies of Scandinavian. If our supplier runs out, orders will be fulfilled in the order in which they are received. The cutoff time for ordering in our shipment is Monday, July 6th at 10:00 am MDT.

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Pictures of Fair to Middling Women
Photographs by Miroslav Tichy

"The most eclectic collection of Tichy's photography to date, Fair to Middling Women provides the largest cross-section of this experimental photographer's works yet. Generally typified as a photographer of women who treads a voyeuristic line, this volume displays the diversity of Tichy's talent and interest, presenting the images within his handmade frames." — Christopher J. Johnson

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Desire: New Erotic Photography
Edited by Patrick Remy

The invention of photography gave artists a new means of expression — and a new way of depicting the human body. This elegant, compelling collection of images from new and established photographers demonstrates how technology has altered the genre — not only in terms of technique, but also composition, theme, and content.

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Featured in Desire: New Erotic Photography is the work of Aaron McElroy. His combination of intimate close-ups of the body and still-lifes exist in a fragmented realm of stark materiality and furtive eroticism where fiction and reality collide. We're happy to have several of McElroy's books in-stock:

Photographs by Aaron McElroy

The latest book of photographs by Aaron McElroy, his first book of black-and-white images contains a selection of older and more recent nudes. The muted color palette and the diarist approach are replaced by the lines and form of the female figure mixed with the textures and off beat tones of a laser print.

This is a limited edition of 50 copies.
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After Wake
Second Edition
Photographs by Aaron McElroy

After Wake is a collection of visual fragments and anonymous female subjects from the artist’s daily life. Separated from the minutia of McElroy’s lived reality, however, the photographs also allow for an endless drift of fictitious suggestion and voyeurism.

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I Lied
Photographs by Aaron McElroy

With its fragmented images of nude bodies and voyeuristic glimpses of erogenous zones, counterposed with various objects and still life scenes saturated with meaning, this photo book by Aaron McElroy gives clues to a hidden narrative of sex, its bodily rituals and emotional consequences from a female perspective.

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Moonmilk — First Edition
By Ryan McGinley

Over 2009, Ryan McGinley and his crew explored huge underground caves, venturing into unknown territory and seeking out spectacular natural spaces, some previously undocumented.

The title, Moonmilk, alludes to the crystalline deposits found on the walls of many caves; it was once believed that this substance was formed by light from celestial bodies passing through rock into darkened worlds below.

Slight rubbing top-side dust jacket along spine, otherwise in very fine condition with library jacket. This edition normally fetches a price between $100 & $275; ours is offered for $195.

For more information email or call Christopher J. Johnson, 800.227.6941

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