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Book of the Week: Antony Cairns

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by Antony Cairns Antony Cairns selects In Order of Appearance… by Kalev Erickson as Book of the Week.
In Order of Appearance… Produced by Kalev Erickson.
Archive of Modern Conflict, 2015.
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from Antony Cairns who has selected In Order of Appearance… produced by Kalev Erickson from Archive of Modern Conflict.

"Kalev Erickson recreates an exact replica of an album found on the shelves of the Archive of Modern Conflict for his new book, In Order of Appearance..., 15 c-type prints inserted in a spiral album. Edition 100 copies. The album tells the story without words of an adventure on a street in London involving a blue Reliant Robin (3-wheeler car), an elephant, Santa Claus and the characters from PG Tips (a famous British tea manufacture). No date is found in the album but it seems to have happened at some point in the 1980s. Why the event took place and what exactly is going on is not clear. The interest of the album in my opinion comes from the novice approach taken in its making. It's a failed piece of documentation yet at the same time it is a record of something that you couldn’t dream up. It seems artists are using found images more and more within photography books and projects yet their approach is often to take the images out of the original context and reappropriate them for their own concepts and clever little ideas. Here it is different; Erickson spotted that the album itself, as it has been created by its unknown maker, is a small oddity that deserved to be reproduced and made available for others to see and not just left to live on a shelf in a basement of a slightly reclusive archive."—Antony Cairns

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In Order of Appearance… Produced by Kalev Erickson. Archive of Modern Conflict, 2015.
In Order of Appearance… Produced by Kalev Erickson. Archive of Modern Conflict, 2015.

Antony Cairns is a London based photographer who specialises in experimenting with traditional chemical based photographic techniques. He is continually working on his series LDN, which is a simple London by night work that becomes abstracted in the process he creates whilst in the darkroom. He has shown his works at a variety of photographic galleries and venues including Rencontre d’Arles in 2013 and Unseen Amsterdam 2014.

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