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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Signed titles from Rob Hornstra, Giles Cassels, Fred Cray and Laurent Chardon, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.

By Rob Hornstra
The Sochi Project

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012 by:
Jonathan Blaustein
Pierre Bessard
Sputnik Photos

"Sketchbook Series # 03 -The Sochi Project’s third Sketchbook depicts Sochi in the summer as well as being an ode to analogue photography. In the summer of 2011, Rob fell in love with a 40-year-old KIEV medium-format camera, which a friend gave him as a gift in the Russian resort of Sochi. Over the following days, he roamed the city with his new acquisition and photographed things that he had never seen before through the lens of his Mamiya camera. When he got home and developed the films, he found that the KIEV’s film transport system was defective."—the publisher

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Photographs by Giles Cassels

"Nightfall captures the humble, banal moments I encounter in my hours awake, and reassembles them to draw out their greater significance as the personal, spiritual, and cultural signifiers that creep into and darken the narratives of my dreams. These dreams then subtly inform how I see the world awake, looping dream life and waking life together, until which exacts a greater toll becomes indistinguishable from the other."—the publisher

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Cray Cray
Photographs by Fred Cray

"Cray Cray continues Fred Cray's work with unique photographs. This book contains 36 double printed images all of which use the same self-portrait as a constant.

This edition is limited to 100 numbered copies (and a few collector's copies), and each copy comes with at least one unique 4"x6" double printed self-portrait."—the publisher

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Photographs by Laurent Chardon

"Laurent Chardon's D├ędale includes various series of photographs taken between the years 2003 to 2013 and documents a Paris and its surroundings in transformation.

As if indicated by the legend, Daedalus is the inventor of architecture and sculpture, the new Paris area that draws us here no longer makes any distinction between Paris and its suburbs."—the publisher