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In Stock at photo-eye Bookstore: Signed

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Signed titles from Peter Mitchell, Mariken Wessels, Thomas Mailaender and Hiroshi Takizawa, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
Some Thing Means Everything for Somebody
Photographs by Peter Mitchell
RRB Publishing

"The mementos and markers collected in this volume narrate boyhood adventures and family ties, academic firsts and artistic achievements. But they don’t do it alone; each curated page is paired with photographs of scarecrows guarding the fields of Mitchell’s native Yorkshire in northern England. These figures (which he calls ‘friends’) have been part of the photographer’s story since 1974, when he was working as a truck driver and about to have his first one-man show. Like Mitchell’s architectural views of Leeds begun at the same time (recently published as Strangely Familiar), these scarecrows are wonderfully rooted and yet other-worldly sentries of home."—from the review by Karen Jenkins

Taking Off: Henry My Neighbor
Edited by Mariken Wessels
Art Paper Editions

"Taking Off is a real picture story of a failed marriage, of sexual frustration and voyeurism. An extraordinary amount of photographs and cut-up collages comprise an archival vertigo of amateur nude art. Through people she met on a journey through the United States, Mariken Wessels gained access to the studio and the entire archive of Henry, as well as full consent over its use."—the publisher

Illustrated People
Performance by Thomas Mailaender
RVB Books

Selected as a Best Books of 2014 by Cristina de Middel

"Brilliant, funny and irreverent as usual with all the series and books coming from Thomas Mailaender, but this one is just delicious (not literally speaking). It is a joke, for me a good one, as it presents a serious approach to a stupid idea, which normally brings to the surface how stupid things can be. Wanna break the boundaries of the medium and really explore post-photography? Then burning human skin with a red lamp and developing negatives on fatty flesh could be your thing, and this book definitely, too."—Cristina de Middel

Photographs by Hiroshi Takizawa
Newfave, Tokyo/Hayama

"Hiroshi Takizawa's 'Mass' is composed of recent photographs that concentrate on new interpretations of materials such as concrete and stone: the materials used to raise buildings.

In his photographs Takizawa uses them to create new motifs. According to his own fetishism he warps, cuts and overlaps the images he recorded, transformed through the process of reproduction. He transforms the mass of the materials that are his subject by planarizing them, setting in motion the knowledge and memories of the viewer to help make sense visually of what is on the page in front of them."—the publisher

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