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2015 Photobook Gift Guide: Part 2

Books 2014 Photobook Gift Guide: Part 2 We are happy to present our 2015 Photobook Gift Guide featuring a broad selection of titles to make photobook lovers out of anyone on your shopping list. Today's selection includes titles from Anka Sielska, Michael Kenna, Barbara Levine and Martin Venezky, Roger Pring and Jason Eskenazi.

We are delighted to bring you our 2015 Photobook Gift Guide with selections for photobook lovers and nearly anyone else on your holiday shopping list. Today we feature 5 exceptional books all priced at $25 and under. And of course, we also offer gift certificates in any amount. View Part 1.

Salix Polaris
By Anka Sielska
$24 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2014, photo-eye's Melanie McWhorter describes Salix Polaris like this: "The images in this sweet little book, which fits so neatly in the palm of my hand, document an arduous trip with Polish scientists to the Polish Polar Station. The title comes from the name of a polar willow that is showcased in the book. It is the only book on my list whose description uses the word dendrologists. I could love it just for that, but all the other qualities — size, printing and design — make it a wonderful piece to hold and possess."

2016 Michael Kenna Wall Calendar
By Michael Kenna
$25 — Purchase Calendar

Now in its 20th year, the Michael Kenna Wall Calendar is a yearly tradition from Nazreali Press — and also a tradition for many photo-eye customers. Featuring 13 images total and printed at an oversized 14x18 inches, Kenna's black & white images are printed here with the same care as his monographs, using "Daido black" ink on uncoated natural Japanese paper. We often hear that customers hang on to the old calendars to leaf through again and again. The 2016 calendar includes images from across the globe, Japan to New Mexico, New Zealand to Switzerland.

Camera Era
By Barbara Levine and Martin Venezky
$25 — Purchase Book

Selected as a Best Book of 2014, Andy Adams describes Camera Era as: "A photography book about the act of photography. Curator Barbara Levine is one of our most vocal champions of the vernacular picture and the images she collects — 'Vernacular photography, anonymous art, found ephemera' — tell us more about ourselves than we think. Camera Era is a smartly designed gem that fits in the palm of your hand or your back pocket. Digital media makes it easier than ever to express ourselves but the urge to document our lives isn’t new. The impulse to selfie — I photograph, therefore I am — may be as old as humankind."

Pring's Photographer's Miscellany: Stories, Techniques, Tips & Trivia
By Roger Pring
$12.99 — Purchase Book

Full of various tid-bits from the world of photography, Pring's Photographer's Miscellany is a combination of useful information and fun facts, short bios of influential photographers, the derivation of acronyms, quotations, and pieces of photographic history. Originally conceived as a digital book, the printed copy is a handsome pocket-sized volume printed on beautiful cream-color paper with small photographs and pen and ink illustrations on every page. The short and engaging snippets of information make the book hard to put down, but fortunately it also includes a bright green bookmark to save you place when you have to.

The Americans List: By the Glow of the Juke Box 
Conceived and compiled by Jason Eskenazi
$13 — Purchase Book

Jason Eskenazi's The Americans List is a companion to arguably the most influential photobook of all time — The Americans by Robert Frank. While working as s security guard at the MET in New York during the Robert Frank Looking In exhibition, Eskenazi started asking photographers to point out their favorite image and get them to explain why. The project grew to include comments from 276 photographers like Mary Ellen Mark, Joel Meyerowitz, Jeffrey Ladd, Robert Frank, Martin Parr, Philip Perkis, David Alan Harvey, Bill Burke, Josef Koudelka, John Gossage, Juliana Beasley, Sara Terry, Mark Steinmetz, Vanessa Winship, Alec Soth and many more, and the resulting book is a fantastic new way in to Frank's seminal work in the context of contemporary photography.

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