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In Stock at photo-eye: Best Books of 2014

Books In Stock at photo-eye: Best Books of 2014 In stock titles from our Best Books of 2014 lists featuring selections from Cristina de Middel, Colin Pantall, Laia Abril, Melanie McWhorter and more.
Please Note: Stock levels for these titles are extremely low. In most cases only one or two copies remain.

The Whale's Eyelash
By Timothy Prus
AMC Books

"The great technological leap forward that took place in the 19th century in optical lens systems such as the microscope meant that by the latter half of the century the exploration of the microcosm was a common pursuit amongst the scientifically minded. Individuals often became interested in a particular area or theme and were able to add significantly to the existing body of knowledge in their subject. More than this, another universe and another dimension were opened up in which to dream and travel."—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by:
Sarah Bradley
Cristina de Middel
Melanie McWhorter
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Best Before End
By Stephen Gill
Nobody in association with AMC

"Tiredness can indeed kill – but then what’s death if not a big Chandleresque sleep, in which wiseacre gumshoes drive to the end of the night only to discover that it’s their own involvement in the case that led to the murder-spree. I’ll sleep when I’m dead, for all sleep is the sleep of reason – we need our wits about us: it’s an accelerated world out there, demanding split-second decision making capability to hit the right button so as to make the right multi-million dollar trade, or order the next pizza, or download the next app. We swim through an orangey brinelight: a carbonated energy field of unified, fizzing awareness; it’s dreamlike this existence – most certainly – but it’s a waking dream, and for that we have energy drinks to thank."—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by:
Laia Abril
Cristina de Middel

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Die Mauer ist Weg!
By Mark Power
Globtik Books

"By a series of fortunate events, Mark Power was present at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. To mark the 25th anniversary, this new production (self-published under his new imprint, Globtik Books) is bound as a pastiche of a newspaper Power purchased in Berlin the morning after, embossed into heavy-duty cardboard."—the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by:
Manik Katyal
Markus Schaden

Mono No Aware
By Anton Kusters

"Once in a while, my body decides my mind needs to take a moment to stare into the distance – preferably through a window.

When I go out the door, I feel more at ease carrying in my pockets a tiny wooden airplane, a coin, a •••••••••••••, and a cherry pip."  —the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Eric Miles

Father Figure: Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood
By Zun Lee

"Lee’s monograph is at once documentary photography and personal visual storytelling. Through intimate black-and-white frames, Father Figure provides insight into often-overlooked aspects of African-descended family life.

The reader gains an intimate view into the daily lives of black men whom Lee has worked with and who are parenting under a variety of circumstances - as married fathers, single fathers, social fathers, young and older, middle class and poorer. Lee brings into focus what pervasive father absence stereotypes have distorted — real fathers who are involved in their children’s lives. Men who may not be perfect but are not media caricatures." —the publisher

Selected as a Best Book of 2014 by Colin Pantall