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Best Books 2015: Martin Parr

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 Martin Parr 2015 Best Books picks from Martin Parr.

By Helge Skodvin

This book of landscapes featuring the famous Volvo 240 is a real gem. Sometimes the car is up front, sometimes you have to really search for it, and the great thing is no other car manages to get in the photo. The funniest landscape book I have ever seen.
Indra Kumar Jha & Federico Carpani

The Italian photographer Carpani has worked with this local photographer from Varanasi in India. The tradition here is to shoot your relatives after death and before they are burnt, and these are combined with other family photos in a series of gatefolds.
By Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti
Dewi Lewis Media

An incredibly thorough exposé of the whole business surrounding dodgy tax havens. Not the most photogenic subject, but they have found good images from these bland and occasionally exotic places, backed up by forensic research.
By Daniel Mayrit
Riot Books

Locating images of assorted business leaders' faces on the internet and blowing them up together with some financial facts turns this crew into looking like a bunch of criminals.
By Ivars Gravlejs

This Lithuanian photographer shot images when at school of various subjects, such as fights and portraits of his teachers. They have a terrific sense of rawness about them. Some photos, like the risky "Adult Games," got partly censored for the trade edition.
By André Penteado
Editora Madalena

Editora Madalena continues to publish great new books from Latin America, most of which come from Brazil where the publisher is based. This book, cunningly disguised as government document, explores an area of the Amazon where they had civil riots in the 1830s.

*This title is not currently offered by photo-eye. Email us to be notified if copies become available.
By Alec Soth

Soth introduces his new B&W Weegee-style shooting of small town America. Great book, from a photographer at the top of their game.
By Thomas Sauvin
Jiazazhi Press

This book, all housed in a cigarette box, explores the role of cigarettes at Chinese weddings. A brilliant follow up to the wonderful original Silvermine set of small books.
By Bruce Gilden
Dewi Lewis Publishing

Gilden re-invents himself, in color, but still on the street, with this series of close ups of people’s faces who have lived life to the full. This work divides opinions, which for me is one of its many merits.
By Jana Romanov

There is a real energy now from a younger generation of Russian photographers, finally escaping the mode of the dreary softback catalogue. Here is a fine example of the genre, with this series of people, families, but mainly couples taken from above in their beds, and all fast asleep.

Martin Parr is a photographer, a curator and editor. His book about the history of Chinese photobooks was published earlier this year.

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