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Best Books 2015: Sarah Bradley

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 Sarah Bradley 2015 Best Books picks from Sarah Bradley.

By Geert Goiris

Prophet gives us a world that is entirely recognizable yet disruptively foreign. The images are suggestive of a narrative without guides, fragments of moving time and action made still, frozen in darkness and a flash of light.
By Mariela Sancari
La Fabrica

While Moisés contains some arresting portraiture, it is the marriage of content and form that makes it so powerful. A visceral reading experience, emotive and stunningly communicative.
By Ron Jude

Lago doesn’t capture place, but skillfully conjures it, finding contours in personal memory and experience. Expansive far beyond its unassuming cover; alive with stillness, dirt, sky and buzzing light. The audio component is definitely worth a listen.
By Paul Kooiker
Art Paper Editions

I end up saying each word in my head as I move through Nude Animal Cigar, which, along with the internal numbering system, keeps the images in triads. Exactly what it says on the cover but with the feeling of a triple entendre.
By Yoshinori Mizutani

Mizutani’s command of color is one of his most notable strengths; this book brings it in spades. Wonderful, despite the fact that it’s so full of good photographs that it ends up feeling a bit long.
By Thomas Sauvin
Jiazazhi Press

The design of this book is a knockout, slipping perfectly into a cigarette box (they were even shipped to photo-eye Bookstore in cigarette cartons). The wedding smoking customs are strange, the couples are charming and I’m always fascinated by what’s going on in the background.
By Dagmar Kolatschny
Peperoni Books

The specific quality of light captured in these photographs has stuck with me, as has the marvelous effect of sunlight through the book’s perforated cover. Thoughtful design enhances these subtle photographs without overwhelming them.
By Mike Slack

I love the title, the straightforward design, and super-flat images that become more bizarre and abstract the longer you look at them. It’s silly, and somehow also not.

photo by Lindsey Kennedy

Sarah Bradley is a writer, sculptor and Editor of photo-eye Blog. She is currently working with Meow Wolf on the upcoming exhibition The House of Eternal Return.

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