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Best Books 2015: Thomas Sauvin

Best Books 2015 Best Books 2015 Thomas Sauvin 2015 Best Books picks from Thomas Sauvin.

By Jean-Marie Donat

Predator compiles a large collection of vintage prints, dating from the 20s to the 60s and collected all over the world, where we can always find the photographer’s shadow on the ground: a man wearing a hat. This classic mistake in amateur’s snapshots is smartly appropriated, turning the photographer into a looming predator.
By Vincent Delbrouck [V.D.]

Dogzhen is the last in a trilogy of photobooks made in Himalayan region. Through the process of photographing, scanning, collaging and superimposing, Delbrouck portrays his love affair with the city of Kathmandu. “Nepal is chaotic, dirty or dusty, colorful, breathing life at every minute, touching my skin and my heart, adopting me with pure kindness”.
By Cedric van Turtelboom

Noroc is the result of Cedric Van Turtelboom’s winter’s adventures to Romania. With the simple rule of always sleeping at the home of a local, Cedric approaches with humor a freezing and twisted land, leaving us somewhere between documentary and an absurd fairy tale.
By Catherine Maloney

Surely the most epic low budget interstellar adventure of the year.
By Mariela Sancari
La Fabrica

By tracking down her dead father’s lookalikes through a classified advertisement in a Bueno Aires newspaper, Sancari created a typology of portraits of men in their 70s, the age her father would be if he were alive.
By Anthony Cairns

Cairns has taken the term digital photobook to new extremes by hacking old e-books to showcase his latest night series taken in London, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

photo by Matjaz Tancic

Thomas Sauvin is a collector and artist working in Paris and Beijing. In 2009, he started the Beijing Silvermine project, an archive of half a million negatives salvaged over the years from a recycling plant on the edge of Beijing.

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