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Books In Stock at photo-eye Bookstore: SALE Four great deals on titles from Tom Hunter, Hanna Liden, Jan Dirk van der Burg and Guido Guidi, all in stock at photo-eye Bookstore.
Le Crowbar
Photographs by Tom Hunter
Here Press

"In 1995 Tom Hunter set off from a squatted street in Hackney with a group of friends in an old double decker bus, loaded with muesli, Sosmix, baby-foot table and a sound system. Fuelled by selling egg butties, veggie burgers and beer, their journey took them through folk festivals in France, teknivals in Czech Republic, hippie gatherings in Austria and beach parties in Spain. Le Crowbar Café became an oasis for a nomadic party community hungry for all night food and a break from the hardcore techno."—the publisher

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Out of My Mind… Back in 5 Minutes
Photographs by Hanna Liden

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2011 by Anouk Kruithof

"An artist book that combines diaristic documentation of objects informing liden’s work with installations and photography. Shopping bags, trash heaps, cigarettes, crumpled cash once carelessly stuffed into a pocket—each image is a trace of human existence specific to New York city and the shit it insouciantly peddles, an investigation of solipsism via purchased and discarded goods."—the publisher

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Censorship Daily: Netherlands — Iran
By Jan Dirk van der Burg
Self Published

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2012 by:
Erik Kessels
Rémi Faucheux

"My friend Thomas Erdbrink lives in Iran and subscribes to the ‘Islamic’ edition of NRC Handelsblad. When the sealed newspaper lands on his doormat in Tehran, its contents have already been secretly checked by the Iranian authorities. They do so seeking images that are unsuitable for the eyes of inhabitants of the Islamic Republic. Forbidden items used to be carefully suppressed using scissors, a ruler and blue stickers."—the publisher

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Preganziol, 1983
Photographs by Guido Guidi

"Thirty years ago in 1983, Italian photographer Guido Guidi created a short photographic series, taken inside a room in Preganziol, Italy. The sixteen images which make up Preganziol, 1983 were taken within the confines of four bare walls. The only light is emitted through two windows which sit crossways from one another."—the publisher

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