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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Signed titles from Eamonn Doyle, Andrew Phelps, Guilherme Gerais and Ryuichi Ishikaw.
photographs by Eamonn Doyle

"So it’s a book of street photography with a visual (and limited) documentary element that portrays a new Dublin, a Dublin that is of new arrivals who are now living and settling in the city. He’s telling a story here and in that story he also connects back to i through visual connections that reprise the textures of Doyle’s first book. There are fleshy arms and bare backs, all freckled as they should be, there are stretching legs and the patterns of skirt and headscarf and hat. And there is a similar consideration of dress, class and the material structure of street."—from the review by Colin Pantall

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Cubic Feet / Sec.
Photographs by Andrew Phelps.

"The big themes of Phelps’ story emerge easily and effortlessly draw you in. With his savvy as a now mature photographer and curator, he taps into that quality of vernacular photography that feels somewhat unrooted from a temporal context and populated by representative types — father and son, guide and explorer. Phelps and his fellow cast members are often shot from a distance, small in the epic landscape of canyon and river. The figures may be put in their (relative) place, but they do insistently belong — one shot is all shadowy silhouettes of each adventurer, dark against a bright rock face, embedded in its surface and integral to the scene."—from the review by Karen Jenkins

Photographs by Guilherme Gerais

"Our first clue that this is a game is the cover. Resembling a game board, the cover’s wheel-like graphic has spokes and dots with a cratered planet or asteroid in the center—a final destination with multiple paths. While the cover suggests a game, we are never told the rules. Built on associative clues that point to New Age and cosmic fantasies, the book is neither manual nor rulebook. Divided into several chapters that each begin with an invented symbol set against a black field, the book includes images of cards being flung in the air, ancient tomes that have turned to dust, spiders lined up in a row, and French fries scattered on concrete steps."—from the review by Adam Bell

okinawan portraits 2010-2012 
Photographs by Ryuichi Ishikawa
T&M Projects

"Something beyond my own will is captured in a photograph. Although I know that, as I talk and think about photography I am immersed in a lofty sensation, as if this was something that was always mine. But all of this is just an afterthought. It was really only an encounter with a photograph that could have involved that person in that place at that time. That's all.

Photographs always start talking to me in these situations, 'Isn't this what you're looking for?' But I can't really say for sure - and probably never will be able to."—from the postscript by Ryuichi Ishikawa