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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Oversized Lavishly sized signed titles from Yoichi Nagata, Richard Misrach, Antoine D'agata and Stephen Shore.
Star of the Stars
By Yoichi Nagata

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"Star of the Stars, Yoichi Nagata’s first book, presents his portraits of fantastically dressed club-goers at events in Tokyo. It was privately published in 2014 in a limited edition of 300 autographed copies.

The photos document the Tokyo underground night scene from 2005 to 2013. Over those years Nagata visited late-night club events at Shinjuku, Shibuya, and elsewhere in Tokyo, setting up an ad hoc portrait studio in a small corner of the venue. The people he captured there are many and varied, hailing from not only within Tokyo but as far away as Kyushu and Niigata. One might try to classify them into this or that style—gothic Lolita, sweet Lolita, maid fashion, cyberpunk, bondage, Takuya Angel—but many are so fanciful as to defy genre and description."—from the publisher

The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings
By Richard Misrach

"The Mysterious Opacity of Other Beings focuses less on the abstraction of water, sand and mote-sized figures, instead honing in on the gestures and expressions of bathers adrift in the ocean. Misrach has rarely ventured into portraiture; this work is his first to focus exclusively on the human figure. Each photograph features one or more individuals crisply rendered from a distance, as they seem to levitate among turquoise waves, isolated from everything save the shifting patterns of the ocean. There is ambiguity and a sense of the uncanny in the figures suspended in the water: are they approaching the shore or moving away from it?"—from the publisher

By Antoine D'agata
Super Labo

"Soft cover with custom case. Limited edition of 500.

Sao Paulo and Salvador de Bahia crack houses. September/october 2008.
An endless accumulation of empty gazes perpetuates the stunned deprivation of men defeated by history.

Everything is done to eradicate all traces of desire, rage, violence, pain, fear or animal pleasure.

Fragile shadows cut free of social control by regaining control over their bodies.

Through the degeneration of bodies and the paroxysm of emotions, the images reveal fragments of society that escape from customary analysis and visualization of the social body, but nonetheless, are its primary elements."—from the publisher

Essex County
By Stephen Shore
Nazraeli Press

"Made 20 years after Uncommon Places, [this] imagery, upon first reading, seems to [be] an about-face from the course set two decades ago. For one thing, they're black-and-white. For another, these are close-ups of tree trunks, moss-covered rocks, and subtle, almost quaint photographs of leaves dusting the forest floor. But in a recent phone conversation—Shore was driving to Parent's Day at his son's Connecticut college—he convincingly elaborated the vital relationship between these two disparate bodies of work, cemented not by the fact of the 8x10 view camera that has remained his companion, but rather by ideas. The view camera monumentalizes things by close observation, by saturation of detail. Shore stated that this fact so often stymies students who search for a subject worthy of such attention. But one doesn't have to find something monumental to photograph."—from the publisher

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