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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Sale Four marked down titles from Simone Kappeler, Paolo Woods and Arnaud Robert, Christopher Anderson and Andreas Weinand.
Darkened Days
Photographs by Simone Kappeler
The Douglas Hyde Gallery

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"Simone Kappeler's photographs reflect the atmosphere and moods of the people and landscapes she encounters at home in Switzerland and abroad on her travels. Typically her images have a dreamlike quality and an intense or melancholy tone; they are often meditations on loss and the passing of time."—from the publisher

By Paolo Woods and Arnaud Robert

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"This book focuses on photographer Paolo Woods’ work in Haiti where he has settled in 2010. With an journalistic ambition and with the journalist and writer Arnaud Robert, he draws on the universal aspect of a national adventure that concerns us more than we think. Haiti is a contradiction, a nation particularly proud of its history, language and singular culture, however with a somewhat absent and dysfunctional state. 'State' deals with a fundamental issue: what occurs in a society in which the government is inefficient and the state fails to provide basic services to its population?"—from the publisher

Sete #12
Photographs by Christopher Anderson
Images En Manœuvres Editions

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"In Sete, they’ve heard it all before. To get to the heart of this city, it is worth finding the right tempo, to slide into its rhythm, to find the right pitch. There is plenty of music in Sete, music of many kinds. Attuned to the ebb and flow of the tide, carried away by gusts of wind, lulled by the shimmering light of the pond, sidling through the tiny hilly streets leading towards the crublands, winding their way down the railroad, reminded of Italy while celebrating love and romance, or busting out the brass and percussion in time for the joust. Generally, when we think of images, when we look at them and try to tame them, it’s the idea–or the reality–of silence that imposes itself. Yet, when Christopher Anderson crossed through Sète, it is more a noise, rather than a rhythm, that immediately imposes itself."—from the publisher

Colossal Youth
Photographs by Andreas Weinand
Peperoni Books

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"While the first episode of the “Simpsons” is broadcasted in the USA, Florence Griffith-Joyner wins three Olympic gold medals in Seoul, the Berlin Wall falls and Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web, the storm of youth rages within the clique, going full blast. The emotional dizziness in the cosmos of invincibility, love, sex, drugs, alcohol, refusal, crash and resignation is always greater than the world out there."—from the publisher