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In-Stock at photo-eye Bookstore: SALE

Books In-Stock at photo-eye: SALE Titles from Takemi Yabuki, Agnieszka Rayss, Boris Mikhailov, and Marina Gadonneix.
We've selected a few choice titles from our shelf of imperfect books,  new books that arrived with small flaws. The imperfections of each title are described below, and all are marked down by 30%.


Gengetsu — SIGNED 30% OFF
Photographs by Takemi Yabuki

Limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies.

“You can see too much in photography.
It’s dangerous to be exposed to too much.
This is just the right amount of expression to show reality.” — Takemi Yabuki

Imperfect with bumped spines.

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American Dream — SIGNED 30% OFF
Photographs by Agnieszka Rayss

"Couple years ago I started shooting a new phenomena in Polish popular culture - the bombastic castings for TV shows, cheerleaders performing at sport stadiums, open and mass auditions for top models. The changes were on the way." — Agnieszka Rayss

Imperfect with bumped corners and spine, some shelf wear to covers and page marking ribbon.

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The Wedding — 30% OFF
Photographs by Boris Mikhailov

Challenging and provocative, Mikhailov's photographs document human casualties living in post communist Eastern Europe after the demise of the Soviet Union. They are unflinching and ruthless depictions of poverty and the homeless (also known as Bomzhes) living in the margins of Russia's new economic regime without social support or care. This series presents a simulated wedding between two homeless people often naked and in sexual poses, set amongst their own surroundings.

Imperfect with bumped spines and/or corners, some light shelf wear.

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The House That Burns Every Day — 30% OFF
Photographs by Marina Gadonneix

Marina Gadonneix’s work weaves a complex link between documentary and fiction through photographs of places given over to temporary neglect. The House That Burns Everyday recalls a fable whose story, in ashes, would no longer reach us. Gadonneix has chosen to haunt a dummy house used by firemen to become familiar with fire and fighting it.

Imperfect with lightly bumped corner.

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