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Books In Stock at photo-eye: Signed Signed titles from Catharine Maloney, Diane Vincent, Yusuf Sevincli and Gerry Johansson.
By Catharine Maloney

Selected as a Best Books of 2015 by Thomas Sauvin

"Notable for their curiously unsettling shabbiness, Catharine Maloney's photographs are clearly testament to the author's laissez faire attitude to perfection and technical mastery. By shooting with a medium format camera, scanning in the film and routinely tinkering with the images in Photoshop, the Texan-born artist then gets prints made cheaply and either draws on them or creates collages. They combine the coarse ingenuity of mixing and layering various media with an ambiguous and uneasy decontextualisation of objects and subjects."—from the publisher

Photographs and text by Diane Vincent

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"For several years I climbed numerous rooftops to make pictures, over and over again. For a long time I didn't know exactly why; I simply felt attached to these strange, unknown and obscure places. I explored my city from a different angle and I photographed architectural situations up there being fascinated by the vastness and expanse as well as its limitation by moments of blocked sights. Eventually I realized that I had compiled a personal map - an imaginary walk in another dimension."—Diane Vincent

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By Yusuf Sevincli
Filigranes Editions

"Walking is the outcome of Yusuf Sevincli's one month artist residency in the small town Vichy, France. Famillier of urban areas, it has stepped up meetings in the heart of his stay in Vichy in March 2015, pushing the door bars, restaurants, associations, but also apartments and houses, taking time to talk to everyone, creating a link that gives each portrait intimate dimension."—from the publisher

Hattfabriken/Luckenwalde/Gerry Johansson
By Gerry Johansson
Johansson & Jansson

"For Gerry Johansson, the project Hattfabriken/Luckenwalde (2009, 2011–12) began with a conversation in 1986 between him and Dick Bengtsson (1936-1989), when he was commissioned to portray the artist. In the late sixties Dick Bengtsson’s made a series of paintings paraphrasing work by Edward Hopper and Piet Mondrian. The swastikas that were included in these paintings led to long and emotive discussions and also to physical attacks on his works. One of the most important paintings from that period is the diptych Hat and Cap Factory (1969)."—from the publisher