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Books In-Stock at photo-eye Bookstore Titles from Hiroshi Sugimoto, Mike Brodie, Sara Davidmann, Sachiko Kawanabe and Esther Teichmann.
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On the Beach
Photographs by Hiroshi Sugimoto

In 1990, photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto visited the seas of New Zealand. On one particular deserted beach, he discovered hundreds of car parts, probably from the 1960s, disintegrated and corroded by decades under the waves. Photographing them individually, he imagined that human civilization had ended, thinking that the sight of crafted objects rotting away is at once dreadful and beautiful.

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Tones of Dirt and Bone
Photographs by Mike Brodie

The images in Tones of Dirt and Bone were made between 2004 and 2006, with a Polaroid camera and Time Zero film. Brodie used the characteristics and limitations inherent to this type of camera and film to his advantage. The portraits he made are further enhanced by the peculiar color palette of the film. Due to the restriction of manual focus and expensive film, that came only ten sheets to a box, each image feels deliberate and precious.

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Ken. To be destroyed — SIGNED
By Sara Davidmann

This project began with an archive and a discovery. Sara Davidmann and her siblings inherited letters and photographs belonging to her uncle and aunt, Ken and Hazel Houston, from her mother, Audrey Davidmann. The letters chronicled the relationship between Ken and Hazel... It emerged soon after they were married that Ken was transgender. In the context of a British marriage in the 1950s, this inevitably profoundly affected both their own relationship and their relationships with the people around them... In response to the letters and family photographs Sara Davidmann has produced a new set of photographs using analogue, alternative and digital processes.

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Photographs by Sachiko Kawanabe

“My grandmother passed away during the two-year period when I took photographs of the apple orchard that I happened to find, by chance, in my hometown. The light that reflected off the stainless steel table that held my grandmother’s ashes at the crematory and the sunshine filtering through foliage at the apple orchard seemed to overlap as my four-year old daughter stood there, gathering the ashes." — Sachiko Kawanabe

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Mondschwimmen — Limited Edition with Prints
Photographs by Esther Teichmann

Limited to 100 signed and numbered copies with two analogue 8x10" color prints handmade by the artist (pictured above).

The core of Esther Teichmann’s work is her exploration of fantasy and its sources, the experience of longing and loss playing a special role in this context. Teichmann not only avails of photography but also of film, collage, sculpture and painting to present abstract themes with art. In the exhibition Mondschwimmen, she has combined her own photographs with found pictures.

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