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Newsletters In Stock at photo-eye: Books on Photobooks In stock titles investigating the art of the photobook.

Looking In. Robert Frank's The Americans
Expanded Edition
Photographs by Robert Frank
Edited and with Text by Sarah Greenough

This edition is a reprint of the first edition. It includes reproductions of Robert Frank's contact sheets for The Americans, variant croppings of the images that changed from one book edition to another, a comparative sequencing of preliminary and subsequently published editions of The Americans, a map and chronology, correspondence and archival materials.

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The Chinese Photobook
Edited by Martin Parr and WassinkLundgren

The Chinese Photobook embodies an unprecedented amount of research and scholarship in this area, and includes accompanying texts and individual title descriptions by Gu Zheng, Raymond Lum, Ruben Lundgren, Stephanie H. Tung and Gerry Badger.

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The Soviet Photobook
Edited by Manfred Heiting and Mikhail Karasik

Gorgeously produced, edited and designed, The Soviet Photobook 1920-1941 presents 160 of the most stunning and elaborately produced photobooks from this period and includes more than 400 additional reference illustrations. The book also provides short biographies of the photobook contributors, some of whom are presented for the first time.

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The Photobook: A History
Volumes I-III
Edited by Martin Parr and Gerry Badger

In three volumes The Photobook provides a comprehensive overview of the development of the photobook, from its inception at the dawn of photography in the early nineteenth century through to the radical Japanese photobooks of the 1960s and 70s, by way of the modernist and propaganda books of the 1930s and 40s.

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