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Newsletters In Stock at photo-eye: August 2016 In stock titles by Ken Grant, Ikuru Kuwajim, Jenny Källman and André Cepeda.
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A Topical Times for These Times
Book of Liverpool Football
Photographs by Ken Grant

Since the 1980’s Ken Grant has photographed football culture in Liverpool, his home city. With football serving as a central thread in the working and social lives of his contemporaries, it has always been an element of Grant’s wider work about the city. This book brings together his pictures of the game, the land and the people who populate it.

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Tundra Kids
Photographs by Ikuru Kuwajima

The photos by the Japanese artist Ikuru Kuwajima show the children as active and enthusiastic participants in his project; the classroom has become a photo studio. The children have brought objects with them that bear witness to their origins and the problems they face in adapting to the world of contemporary Russia.

"Kuwajima says he hopes people will see 'the complexity of the Nenets today, their dilemma, and the spread of … globalization even in the northern edges of Russia' and will ask themselves what it means." — Janna Dotschkal, National Geographic

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The Rectangle's Sharp Stare
Photographs by Jenny Källman

As a starting point for this new body of work, Swedish photographer Jenny Källman initiated an exploration of prison spaces from an immediately physical vantage point. The title of this series, Lounge, is an ironic take on the indefinite time and shared social environment of the prison as an institution, and a number of the images were made in a centre for young offenders.

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Rua Stan Getz
Photographs by André Cepeda

In 2012 André Cepeda spent three intense months in São Paulo, exploring and photographing the city while reevaluating the very nature of his practice. The thrill of discovering a new territory, the endless photographic possibilities and the buzz of the city in contrast with Cepeda's distinctive silent style, reveals the author's work in a completely new light.

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