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Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 25

Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Nudes/Human Form Newsletter Vol. 25 Volume 25 of photo-eye's Nudes/Human Form Newsletter featuring titles from Coco Capitán, Tiane Doan na Champassak, Renée Jacobs, Deana Templeton, and more.

Nudes Curated By Julie Dossena
Photographs and text by Coco Capitán

French designer Julien Dossena has worked towards a contemporary vision of femininity for the Paco Rabanne fashion house since 2013, most recently by commissioning Spanish photographer Coco Capitán to revisit Clemmer’s images in a new portfolio shot on the grounds of the 1920s Villa Noailles. Poems by Capitán accompany the sensual and bold images.

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Siam's Guy
Photographs by Tiane Doan na Champassak

The book borrows its title from one of Tiane Doan na Champassak’s collected items, Siam's Guy, a Thai erotic magazine from the 1960s and 1970s that remained available over the counter in spite of censorship. For this project, the artist selected among more than 100 issues, 68 original pages over which he layered his own photographs of female nudes, thus substituting the very contemporary esthetic of his photographs to the somewhat dated images.

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Zine Collection N°18
Rêves de Femmes
Photographs by Renée Jacobs

Contains a SIGNED C-Print (pictured above).

Renée Jacobs’ work is the result of a very personal vision and interpretation of women. The female form is her intimate sketchpad. Life is a dream and Renée treats us to exquisite images that are a magical feast for the eyes of the beholder.

You open this intimate volume and almost feel you are intruding. You are walking past and open door and witnessing beauty unfolding without the subject being aware you are looking in.

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The Swimming Pool
Photographs by Deana Templeton
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All copies contain minor corner bumps.

Shooting on color, black-and-white film and Polaroid... Unlike her street photography, in which subjects were often strangers, Templeton found that creating these portraits required more intimacy and connection — a feeling that is apparent throughout every image in the series, which show strong, liberated individuals, confident and at ease in their most beautiful and vulnerable moments.

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FORTHCOMING — 2017 Calendar

Photodarium Private 2017
Edited by Lars Harmsen and Raban Ruddigkeit

Ships in September.

This tear-off calendar will reveal uncensored instant images with an artistic approach to nudity day after day. The calendar shows intimate snapshots from 365 photographers, both newcomers and professionals from all over the world. The front side of the calendar page always presents an instant picture in its original size, while on the backside is a short text about the origin of the photo as well as information on the photographer and the film used.

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