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Book of the Week: A Pick by John A Bennette

Book of the Week Book of the Week: A Pick by John A Bennette John A Bennette selects Inundation by Kevin O'Connell as Book of the Week.
InundationBy Kevin O'Connell
Self-published, 2017.
John A Bennette selects Inundation  self-published by Kevin O'Connell as Book of the Week.

"Kevin O'Connell's Inundation is a limited edition, hand-sewn art object that is a serious argument for the continued creation of photobooks. From its subtly patterned and unmarked cover to its end papers, the unnumbered and textless body of images, and the title and poem at its end, Inundation is a quiet and reflective meditation about the sea.

These monochromatic, camera-based images of the sea are representational, yet near abstractions. Taken over a few years along Oregon’s Pacific coast, they evoke the mysterious ties that bind man to the great bodies of water. Inundation evokes Homer's wine-dark sea, the great 19th-century romantic musical compositions, and the solitary everyman staring into the vastness for answers. There is the foam of Zeus that gives birth, the calm ebb and flow, and the darkness of lost souls that becomes part of legends.

On every page of Inundation the image bleeds off the edge. There is no room for borders nor words. The photographer seeks to immerse you in the moments, as if to shut out the world as he shares what he emotionally sees with you. This is a book we can turn to when we need space to float above — or fall through — the depths of the world we know."
— John A Bennette

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InundationBy Kevin O'ConnellSelf-published, 2017.
InundationBy Kevin O'ConnellSelf-published, 2017.

John A Bennette is a collector, lecturer, editor, and curator. He has curated the Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial and is the former art director and art editor for South X South East Photography Magazine.