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2018 Favorite Photobooks — Day Two

Books 2018 Favorite Photobooks — Day Two Day 2 of our 14-day series featuring the Favorite Photobooks of 2018! This year we asked a number of luminaries from the photobook world to select their favorite photobook of the year. The list will continue to grow over the next two weeks, so check back each day for a new group of favorite books!"

2018 Favorite Photobooks — Day 2

This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our renowned listing of the year's best photobooks. To mark this milestone, we've decided to do something a bit different. We've asked 88 internationally recognized luminaries from the photobook world to choose their favorite photobook of the year. Their favorite book could be unforgettable for any number of reasons but the chosen books affected our selectors on a very personal level. These books led each of our contributors to conclude, "If there's one book not to miss this year, it would be this!"

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Check back daily to see a new group of favorite books!

Jason Fulford's Favorite
Look It's Getting Sunny Outside!!!
Photographs by Sohrab Hura

"Look It's Getting Sunny Outside!!! is beautiful, honest, funny and heartbreaking. It's a simple story about photographer Sohrab Hura's mom and her dog. Sohrab is based in Delhi, India, and he self-published this book."

Janet Delaney's Favorite
Photographs by Mimi Plumb

"The images weave together disparate thoughts to create an uncomfortable but salient whole. When seen collectively the photographs perfectly name the dark side of our current emotional and political life."

Kris Graves's Favorite
Wood River Blue Pool
Photographs by Jo Ann Walters

"Walters has been working on this series since the 1980s, and the imagery has become a historical time capsule for a subset of American life spanning almost forty decades. Within is a project focusing on women. There are overwhelming moments of confidence and a distinct awareness of the passage of time."

Blake Andrews's Favorite
Deana Lawson
Photographs by Deana Lawson

"Deana Lawson's debut monograph hit me like a ton of bricks. At first glance these domestic scenes seem be documentary. Instead they're carefully choreographed by Lawson to explore issues of race, class, and the consensual aspect of portraiture."

Ania Nałęcka-Milach's Favorite
On Abortion
Photographs by Laia Abril

"Probably everybody is writing about On Abortion now. And, yes, they should. I wish it was translated to Polish. And it should be to as many languages as possible. The book reminds us why we make books really – to give testimony and record stories that matter in a skillful and responsible way. Thank you, Laia."

Erik van der Weijde's Favorite
Eggs and Rarities
Photographs by Paul Kooiker

"Eggs and Rarities reads like a visual encyclopedia of the artist's life and the history of photography. Beautiful images set in striking spreads and a bold book design by Jurgen Maelfeyt raise the bar for good photo books. Not an easy book, but a milestone in Kooiker's oeuvre."