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OPENING SOON | Yosemite: Seeking Sublime by Edward Bateman

photo-eye Gallery OPENING SOON | Yosemite: Seeking Sublime by Edward Bateman photo-eye Gallery
photo-eye Gallery is excited to announce Yosemite: Seeking Sublime, an online solo exhibition by Utah-based photographer Edward Bateman.

photo-eye Gallery is excited to announce Yosemite: Seeking Sublime, an online solo exhibition by Utah-based photographer Edward Bateman. 

Awe-inspiring, enigmatic, and alluring, Bateman's distinctive prints, created by photographing 3D models, are thoroughly contemporary in their concept and methodology. Produced during the ongoing pandemic and with limited possibility of travel, Bateman crafted the work using geographical data and a 3D printer. The artist's unique process yields captivating, abstract images depicting plastic filaments that explore the concept of the sublime through representations of the majestic landscapes of Yosemite National Park.

This thought-provoking exhibition opens Saturday, November 14. It uses photo-eye’s revolutionary new VisualServer X website builder and is the second in a series of photo-eye's major online shows.

Half Dome Singularity No. 1, 2020, archival pigment print with 3D printed landscape, 8 x 10 inches, edition of 10, $800

Mountains and nature have long been places of peace and refuge. During this pandemic, due to lockdown and quarantine, they have been denied to us. There are few emotions about places for which adequate single words exist. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, the word sublime arose to describe the feelings that the natural world can evoke.

On my kitchen table, I have been photographing the grandeur of Yosemite National Park, long immortalized by photographers from Carleton Watkins to Ansel Adams. Using geographical data from the internet, I used my 3D printer to try to capture something of the sublime in bits of plastic. With clouds from a small fog machine, I create atmospheric perspective.

This will have to do until we are once again allowed to travel freely. Until that time, I will continue to explore this imaginary landscape. —Edward Bateman

Edward Bateman with Covid Beard

About the Artist
Edward Bateman is an artist and professor at the University of Utah. His practice often pushes the boundaries of photography with his use of uncommon processes and technologies such as 3D digital modeling. Through constructed and often anachronistic imagery, he creates alleged historical artifacts that examine our belief in the photograph as a reliable witness. 

In 2009, Nazraeli Press released a signed and numbered book of his work titled Mechanical Brides of the Uncanny, that explores 19th-century automatons as a metaphor for the camera, stating: "For the first time in human existence, objects of our own creation were looking back at us.” 

Bateman and his work have been included in the third edition of Seizing the Light: A Social and Aesthetic History of Photography by Robert Hirsch. His work has been shown internationally in over twenty-eight countries and is included in the collections of The Victoria and Albert Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Getty Research among others.

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