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Today we offer recommendations for those with a higher price point -- limited edition books with prints. But one doesn't need to break the bank to purchase a limited edition with a print. For even more affordable options, take a look at our in-stock selection from the collectible One Picture Book series from Nazraeli. Read parts IIII and IV.

The Mushroom Collector by Jason Fulford -- $250
An innovative juxtaposition of found photographs with his own work, Jason Fulford's 2010 The Mushroom Collector quickly became a must-have for photobook collectors.

"Fulford's pure fascination with imagery is likely what affords him the ability to create such splendor out of the otherwise overlooked. Combining the original flea market pictures with his own photographs and text, flipping through the book is a bit like watching him think out loud. As if images were words themselves, Fulford builds a visual vocabulary - assembling sentences out of a series of situations, exploring the significance of photographs and the relationships that arise in the space between them." -- from the review by Shane Lavalette

Now out of print, signed copies are selling on the secondary market for $300+, making this signed limited edition with a print (print 4 and print 5) an exceptional deal at $250.

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Paradise City by Hans Bol -- $500
Over the course of 20 years, Hans Bol has explored and photographed the marble quarries of Carrara, Italy. There is a profound history in these mountains -- these are mines that have been active since 70 BC, mines from which have come the marble that Michelangelo used to make his David, that built the Pantheon, and can been seen in famous buildings worldwide. Bol's images show the grandeur of the mountains and the still beauty of the quarries, the sculptural nature of the man-hewn landscape rendered in images that remarkably capture the unique and fine tones of the marble. Bol's images explore cold beauty of the area, but also the enormity of the impact that humans have had on the landscape, resulting in a complex and subtle meditation on man's interaction with nature. Meticulously designed by Dutch book designers Typography Interiority & Other Serious Matters, a slipcased limited edition of Paradise City is available with a choice of one of three prints - A, B, or C.

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View Hans Bol's work on the Photographer's Showcase

Faces Vol. 1 by Hiroshi Watanabe -- $200 
The first in a series of limited edition books with prints from Hiroshi Watanabe, Faces Vol. 1 features a collection of portraits shot by Watanabe at the San Lazaro Psychiatric Hospital in Quito, Ecuador. Given the surroundings, one might expect the images to have a certain heaviness, but Watanabe's portraits are something else altogether. Tender and intimate, we do not see the subjects for their diagnosis, but instead we see something special pass between photographer and subject, a flash of interaction or moment of connection Watanabe is able to find, even with sitters who don't seem to acknowledge his presence. Faces Vol. 1 is a beautiful example of Watanabe's considerable skill as a portrait photographer. The small-scale book is available with a choice of one of two prints.

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Out to Lunch by Ari Marcopoulos -- $400 ZF202
Out to Lunch is a jammed packed limited edition full of Ari Marcopoulos' early and recent work with a ton of extras -- contact sheets, stickers, posters and a screen play.

"Marcopolous challenges the art aesthetic of photography and presents it as a tool for documentation of the quotidian. He marks each day; the proof of its existence in the photograph and often with the time stamp printed on the photo. His work is analogous with the tagging of the gangs or paintings of the street artists. His books are often as impermanent as the spray paint, printed on non-archival materials. This volume, likely the most comprehensive book on Marcopoulos totaling 368 pages, will last for years, but in its construction are elements meant for its deconstruction: vinyl stickers, removable posters and even the perfect binding within the black gauze. It is a collectible object perfectly complimentary to its content." -- from the review by Melanie McWhorter

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Snaps by Elliott Erwitt -- $675
Snaps is brimming with the wonderful and iconic photographs of Elliott Erwitt, almost 500 images total, many of which had not previously been published. The images in this book cover 50 years of the Magnum photographer's images, creating the first comprehensive monograph of Erwitt's work and representing the true breadth of his photographic career. The limited edition is presented in a sturdy clam-shell box wrapped in teal blue cloth with the signed and numbered limited edition print carefully placed in an envelope mounted in the front cover. The edition currently in-stock includes a print of Erwitt's classic 1955 image Provence, featuring a child peeking over his shoulder at the photographer while riding on the back of his father's bicycle, each wearing berets, baguettes strapped to the rear of the bike. Erwitt's clever and witty photographic style is hard not to love, and this beautiful edition of Snaps is sure to be treasured.

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We are happy to present this year's photobook gift guide featuring a wide selection of books that we hope will delight nearly every photobook lover on your shopping list. Over the next few days we'll be posting gift suggestions featuring a wide range in genres, styles and prices -- limited editions to books under $25. All titles are currently in-stock or will be arriving soon.

For more ideas check out last year's guide, which includes some classic books that have been reprinted and a few others that we still have in stock. And if you still can't find quite the right thing, we also offer gift certificates in any amount. Read parts II, III and IV.

Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt -- $65
The third and final volume in Nick Brandt's stunning photographic trilogy on the animals of east Africa, Across the Ravaged Land presents the profound affect of poaching on this once thriving world. In addition to Brandt's unforgettable portraits of elephants, lions, water buffalo and other animals that he is well known for, Across the Ravaged Land contains powerful new work including portraits of humans for the first time ever and Brandt's intriguing and widely popular Calcified Animals series. A must-have for Nick Brandt collectors and wild-life lovers alike. On This Earth, A Shadow Falls featuring images from Brandt's first two books is also available.

A Sporting Life by Jacques Henri Lartigue $75
A Sporting Life by Jacques Henri Lartigue is a beautifully presented collection of the photographer's images of the rising popularity of sport in the early twentieth century. Featuring everything from ice-skating and hockey to track and field, cycling, swimming, car racing and bizarre looking flying contraptions, Lartigue's candid images capture wonderful depictions of bodies in motion, as well as the fanatic clothing and smiling faces of his subjects. Short essays put the activities into historical context, personal notes caption each photograph and reproduced pages from Lartigue's journal are slipped in, showing his inscriptions and drawings. The book presents a joyous collection of images sure to appeal to anyone dedicated to an active life, but also lovers of vintage photography.

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Between Earth and Sky by Beth Moon -- $47.50
Presenting Beth Moon's five major photographic series' since 1999, Between Earth and Sky presents Beth Moon's gorgeous platinum images. Moon's work focuses on the earthly and spiritual interaction between humans and nature, each series featured in this volume touching on a different aspect of this relationship. Portraits of ancient trees, a pair of mated ravens, ritualistic-looking images of a child and fallen wild animals, strange looking exotic chickens and even stranger looking carnivorous plants grace the pages of this book, all captured in the rich tones characteristic of Moon's traditional printing technique.

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Shinan by Michael Kenna $75
1,004 islands dot the waters of South West Korea making up the Shinan archipelago. The breathtakingly beautiful and pristine islands also known as "The Island of Angels" became a place of exploration for Kenna over the course of two years, resulting in the 62 images in this monograph. The images in Shinan show the interactions between land, water and sky in this remote location, captured in Kenna's unmistakable soft and meditative style that has made his work a favorite among photography lovers world wide. Published by Nazraeli Press, Shinan is printed on Japanese matte art paper using "Daido black" ink with tinted spot varnish. The first edition of 3,000 copies are presented slipcased, making it a beautiful addition to Kenna's expanding and collectible oeuvre.

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Emmet Gowin by Emmet Gowin
New from Aperture, Emmet Gowin collects decades of the work from the prolific photographer in a single volume. The book features work from the breadth of Gowin's career -- from his intimate portraits of his wife, children and extended family to his aerial photography to his European landscapes. This beautiful survey is a testament to the importance of Gowin's work and his place in twentieth century photography. We have a limited number of signed copies in stock, and once those are gone we won't be getting any more. Unsigned copies can be backordered.

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photo-eye wishes you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. We'd like to give thanks to all the photographers and writers who enrich our lives with photography and our readers who let us share what we love. Stay tuned -- tomorrow we begin our photobook gift guide and special surprise that you won't want to miss.

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We Are Still Here. By Dick Bancroft.
Borealis Books, 2013.
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from FotoEvidence publisher Svetlana Bachevanova who has selected We Are Still Here: A Photographic History of the American Indian Movement by Dick Bancroft.

"In 1968, inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, a group of Native American activists founded the American Indian Movement (AIM) to address issues that were destroying their community like poverty, poor education, police harassment, environmental destruction and inadequate health care. During the 1970s, the movement organized several actions designed to gain public attention. The actions ensured AIM would be noticed and highlight what they saw as the erosion of Indian rights and sovereignty.

"Long before that, in 1936, a young boy named Dick Bancroft came back from school and found on his door step the first issue of LIFE magazine. He spent the rest of the day on the floor looking at the pictures in the magazine. What he discovered was that he could learn more from looking at a single photograph than from reading all the articles in the magazine. This issue of LIFE magazine would shape his destiny.

"He took up photography and, years later, his love of photography and his engagement with local Indians led him to documents AIM's first actions. Trusted and called upon regularly, he went on to photograph dozens of AIM actions and gatherings over the years. Now, his images tell the 40-year story of AIM's struggle for Native rights and sovereignty.

"We Are Still Here: A Photographic History of the American Indian Movement makes much of Bancroft's archive available for the first time. We Are Still Here provides an inside look at the movement that fundamentally changed the relationship between the United States and the Indian tribes. The book both documents the movement and continues AIM's mission by reminding the viewer that Native Americans are still here and still face discrimination and hardship, that AIM continues to inspire and support those who seek justice for Native Americans.

"Half activism, half photography, We Are Still Here should be in every school library, so our children know the story of the brave man and women of AIM who stood for their nation and fought complacency and indifference. That the first and most important right every human has is the right to fight for his rights and the rights of others. This is what Dick Bancroft did and We Are Still Here is a testimony to that commitment." --Svetlana Bachevanova

from We Are Still Here. By Dick Bancroft. Borealis Books, 2013.

Svetlana Bachevanova is a photojournalist, curator and the publisher of FotoEvidence, a platform for documentary photography focused on social injustice. Every year, FotoEvidence has an open call for entries and awards the FotoEvidence Book Award to one photographer whose project demonstrates courage in the pursuit of social Justice. The project is published as a book and exhibited, with the work of four award finalists, in New York at the FotoEvidence Book Award exhibit.

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With the holidays just around the corner, we are pleased to bring you another installment of Photobooks Under $30. This week we're featuring The Green Fuse by Patricia Galagan with photographs of the emergent plantlife after one of New Mexico's largest fires in the state's history, Letters from Utopia by Daan Paans takes us into five communities whose practices aim to extend the human lifespan, and explore an ambiguous relationship between two people in New York City in Rivington by Carlos Loret de Mola.

The Green Fuse by Patricia Galagan
Patricia Galagan – The Green Fuse
($20 - softbound signed)
 The Green Fuse documents the aftermath of the 2011 Las Conchas fire in Northern New Mexico that burned over 150,000 acres -- the second largest fire recorded in the state's history. Photographing the burn scar, Galagan focuses on the emergent plant life adapting to the new landscape after the fire. The black & white photographs employ subtle use of the color green to mark the new plant life.

Letters From Utopia by Daan Paans
Daan Paans – Letters from Utopia
($26.50 - hardbound)
In Sarah Bradley's review of Letters from Utopia, she writes, "Dutch photographer Daan Paans considers his work documentary, which is strictly true, though I wouldn't immediately think to classify his book Letters from Utopia as such. Letters from Utopia is an investigation into the practical search for immortality. The book is arranged in a sort of chronology, but also in an order indicating the evolution of human thought on the subject. A collection of five dossiers, each opens with an introduction of the subject before presenting a series of captioned photographs with the occasional snippet of related text sharing the page."

Rivington by Carlos Loret de Mola
Carlos Loret de Mola – Rivington
($10 - softbound)
Rivington is a small, self-published zine by Carlos Loret de Mola, documenting an ambiguous chance-meeting between a man and a woman in New York City. The twelve color photographs document a seemingly intimate relationship between the two while the photographs of the New York City skyline echo a sense of loneliness and anonymity in the vastness of the city.
–Erin Azouz

Book Review Objects as Friends By Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys Reviewed by Nicholas Chiarella Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys' Objects as Friends reveals not only affinities but also breakdowns in relation between objects. The book is assembled in a straightforward manner, composed of around 300 images, each of a unique juxtaposition of objects. The objects are photographed against a gray wall on a drab cement surface coated in white dust. Some objects sit in a tensioned balance; most lean or stand together like friends and colleagues. Some immerse one another in coincidence of form. There are pairs, trios, and larger families of items.

Objects as Friends. By Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys.
Walther Konig, 2013.
Objects as Friends
Reviewed by Nicholas Chiarella

Objects As Friends 
By Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys.
Walther Konig, 2013. Hardbound. 312 pp., 300 color illustrations, 10x10-1/2".

Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys' Objects as Friends reveals not only affinities but also breakdowns in relation between objects. The book is assembled in a straightforward manner, composed of around 300 images, each of a unique juxtaposition of objects. The objects are photographed against a gray wall on a drab cement surface coated in white dust. Some objects sit in a tensioned balance; most lean or stand together like friends and colleagues. Some immerse one another in coincidence of form. There are pairs, trios, and larger families of items. Some of these combinations feel like plausible representatives of the everyday: the contents of a desk drawer or a cabinet under the sink. Other configurations play at meaning: a pillow adorned with a curled wig becomes a head; a slab of asphalt and a plastic shopping bag reverse their roles in relation to the strip mall.

Objects As Friends, by By Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Published by Walther Konig, 2013.
Objects As Friends, by By Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Published by Walther Konig, 2013.

Materials represent vast networks of information, coefficients of friction, characteristic absorbance of light, heat, and sound. They accumulate damage and dust as measures of durability and duration. They carry narratives of their use, abandonment, and purposelessness, and these narratives include the interactions between objects. The record of this exchange between objects might take the form of history, performance, or conversation. Gruyter and Thys’ arrangements are like the orchestrations of a director, drawing out tensions between objects as if they are strangers trapped in moments of decay, lacking resolve.

Objects As Friends, by By Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Published by Walther Konig, 2013.

The combinations that create the greatest amount of satisfaction require consideration of sympathies or tensions of color, condition, or placement. Unities emerge and affirm meaning, or at least its semblance. Unfolded in series, vignette after vignette, some of the ephemeral combinations persist beyond play or kitsch into neutral representations of ugliness. Consider the union of a yellowish green glass vase with blue rubber shower shoes: is it cruel to call this friendship garish, improbable, even excessive? These items unite toward the exiling of logic. Yet the composition on the facing page provides absurd relief: a bedpan, gray styrofoam mannequin head, and black plastic top hat. Are they presented as gradations of grayness and luster, dispersed across an unlikely combination of substances? Do they create an implicit joke about scale (the head would appear to fit easily into either the hat or the bedpan)? However, the shifts in balance such as between these two images are what maintain the accessibility of the book.

Objects As Friends, by By Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Published by Walther Konig, 2013.
Objects As Friends, by By Jos de Gruyter & Harald Thys. Published by Walther Konig, 2013.

The release of the book was accompanied by three exhibits, in which not the objects but the photographs were displayed. Explorations of disjunction and ugliness are common to the work of Gruyter and Thys, whose work includes video, performance, sculpture, painting, and drawing. In Objects as Friends, the artists capitalize on the long gaze of photography to accomplish a slowness also found in their video work. The images are printed and bound in a plain, thick volume, seemingly as a way to augment the fascination and tedium explored in their subjects, which consistently shun ostentation. The repeated minimal staging from image to image enables the viewer to witness these object combinations with varying neutrality, curiosity, and favor.—Nicholas Chiarella

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Nicholas Chiarella is presently an administrative assistant and contributing faculty member at the Santa Fe University of Art and Design. He has previously coordinated education programs for 516 ARTS (ISEA2012) and for Meow Wolf and the Center for Contemporary Arts (CHIMERA). His poems and photographs have appeared in Santa Fe Trend, Slideluck Potshow, BathHouse Hypermedia Journal, the Mayo Review, and others. He drums for Santa Fe-based duo Alamo Sun, most recently collaborated on an installation with artist Martha Tuttle at Dwight Hackett Projects, and has contributed work to installations and group shows with Meow Wolf, Caldera, and The Tan.
"Where's the Monkey?" by David J. Carol

"Where's the Monkey?" is a new small book featuring David J. Carol's photographs captured around the world. The title comes from Carol's advice for emerging photographers published last summer in PDN. Carol described seeing a Garry Winogrand photograph featuring an interracial couple carrying two children in their arms -- an interesting enough photograph on its own, but the children held by the couple aren't human -- they're chimpanzees. It's the monkeys that make the image special, providing the metaphor for Carol's advice to finding the monkey. "Monkeys" are everywhere in this little saddle stitched book, from the terrifying clown and baby in the empty parking lot to the stripped legs of a Manhattan stilt-walker to the dapper little boy checking the bottom of his shoe, illustrating both Carol's humor and his remarkable ability to find "monkeys" wherever he goes.

Black Country Women by Martin Parr

Black Country Women is a wonderfully strange experimental publication commissioned by Multistory, an organization that works with outstanding artists to make projects about life in Sandwell, UK. Taking the form of a women's magazine, Black Country Women has everything we come to expect from these publications like recipes, fashion spreads, horoscopes, word search and household tips, but also includes short fiction by Margaret Drabble and all photographs have been made by Martin Parr. The quirky document looks specifically into the lives of women living in this region of England known for its manufacturing past, working-class women who Parr captures with his playful yet straightforward photographs, resulting in a fascinating and satirical spin on the modern women's mag -- and a good introduction to the Black Country women it features.

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Falling from a height by Martijn Berk

Containing thousands of photographs of a single subject, Falling from a height by Martijn Berk is a visual exploration of the conflicting nature of infatuation. Interlacing portraits with contact sheets displaying the obsessive nature of Berk's photographic interest, the photographs show a beautiful young man of twenty sleeping and laying in bed, talking on the phone, showering and relaxing in the quiet moments shared between lovers. Eventually emotive handwritten bits of text by Oscar van den Boogaard are mixed in, each paired with a photograph reproduced in large-scale. These full-page images shift from the more abstract, capturing the shape and form of the subject's body, to intimate portraits, the book is poised as a exploration of the Apollonian vs Dionysian. Falling from a height was selected as a book of the week by Hannes Wanderer. Read his post here.

Book Review Field Trip By Martin Kollar Reviewed by Tom Leininger Martin Kollar clearly describes the facts of Israel, as he saw them. Including a severed head of a porcupine. It is bizarre and out of place and gruesome and you wonder, why was the head cut off in the first place? Garry Winogrand's statement that there is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described is embodied in this book.

Field Trip. By Martin Kollar. MACK, 2013.
Field Trip
Reviewed by Tom Leininger

Field Trip
Photographs by Martin Kollar
MACK, 2013. Hardbound. 76 pp., illustrated throughout, 7-3/4x9-3/4".

Martin Kollar clearly describes the facts of Israel, as he saw them. Including a severed head of a porcupine. It is bizarre and out of place and gruesome and you wonder, why was the head cut off in the first place? Garry Winogrand's statement that there is nothing as mysterious as a fact clearly described is embodied in this book.

Martin Kollar is one of those photographers whose work lives in the nether world of the strangely familiar. His visual acuity brings back pictures that only he can see. It is reportage of ambiguity. The porcupine head and other images involving medical procedures fit clearly within his vision. Along with a crew practicing rowing a boat on a trailer.

Field Trip, by Martin Kollar. Published by MACK, 2013.

Kollar takes the reader through an unexpected vision of Israel. When going through the book the first time it felt like the pictures were made in this region, but without captions or a forward, it feels a bit confused. Recognizable pictures of Israel are not initially evident. The book is part of a larger series by 12 photographers exploring Israel and the West Bank with the goal of creating a diversity of images rather than a single view of this highly charged place. Learning of the context after viewing the book helps to answer some of the questions the Kollar is posing. A lack of captions or forward propels the viewer into this place that seems familiar and strange at the same time -- a version of life between the major news events.

Field Trip, by Martin Kollar. Published by MACK, 2013.

Kollar's sense of humor comes through not only in the pictures but the sequencing. A pair of images shows bees swarming hives, which is followed by an image of a hive-like apartment building. In other places images are paired to extend the frame, one of the most effective showing military exercises from a distance. Time and space are expanded within the pair and distance makes the scene appear like a model.

Field Trip, by Martin Kollar. Published by MACK, 2013.

Kollar explains at the end of the book how being in Israel took him back to his childhood in Communist Czechoslovakia. Paranoia came back to him. Paranoia is not entirely evident in the pictures, though there are few pictures of the border crossings. Military training is clearly taken seriously, which then feeds that paranoia. An image of a bride in a small fenced in area with people around her is seen from above, reinforcing Kollar's idea about surveillance.

Field Trip, by Martin Kollar. Published by MACK, 2013.

Thinking about what is not pictured is intriguing because what is in the book is not easily described. The absence of familiar imagery helps to keep the clearly described facts a mystery. These are pictures that you do not expect to see of a place with a rich visual history; it is almost as if locations like a veterinary hospital, a hearing doctor, or another medical facility were toured so progress could be seen. Field Trip is an apt title. Kollar, in the role of the detached observer, shows the things he saw. This book does not tell me what to think of the situation in Israel. It does not clarify the problems, but clearly there are issues. Field Trip is a book that presents an idea of Israel that is unexpected and jarring. Different scenes that on first reading show no clear connections go on page after page. It is with repeated readings that the themes and metaphors become clearer.—TOM LEININGER

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TOM LEININGER is a photographer and educator based in North Texas. More of his work can be found on his website.
X Marks the Spot by Joachim Schmid
This week's Book of the Week pick comes from artist, poet and book maker Elisabeth Tonnard who has selected X Marks the Spot self-published by Joachim Schmid. Our pick of the week is a timely publication that focuses on the culture of picture making at the location of JFK's assassination.

"Another book by Joachim Schmid about how, where and why people use photography. For years and years Schmid has been going online to look at other people's pictures and to read what people are writing about their photography. From his observations came a heap of artist's books, most notably the ninety-six books in the Other People's Pictures project, but also the popular and very funny Black Books series. X Marks the Spot is not part of these series but feels closely connected to them. The book shows tourists who visit the site where John F. Kennedy was shot, and who have their pictures taken while they stand on one of the white X's that mark where the shooting took place. This is apparently a popular pastime, and one that requires frantic hurrying to the middle of a road during lulls in traffic.

"There are two types of images in the book: the portraits that the tourists themselves posted on sites such as Flickr, and the footage Schmid obtained by watching a webcam that is placed looking down on the scene from the exact same perspective as the assassin -- shooting the tourists shooting themselves. It is a strange thing all in all. The place has become like a theatre where people want to position themselves as the star; as if what happened there was never anything else than an occurrence on TV. Apart from the sadness of this, the book luckily brings the comfort of its own existence (good books always do). A factor here is the fine undercurrent of humor that is present somehow when you flip the pages and go from image to image; the alternation of found portraits and webcam images works really well as a communication from artist to reader. But the book already won me because of the satisfaction of the quote printed on the back and taken from a Flickr caption: 'I don't know why I felt the need to stand by the X but judging from everyone else, it would appear to be the thing to do.'” -- Elisabeth Tonnard

Elisabeth Tonnard is a Dutch artist and poet working in artists’ books, photography and literature. Since 2003 she has published thirty books in which texts and images extracted from the cultural archive are processed and laid out to exhibit their latent messages. The works range in scale and method from a book that is completely invisible, to a book containing a short story that swallowed a novel, to a book that is a swimming pool. The books are included in numerous public collections and are exhibited widely. In October 2013 her previously self-published title In this Dark Wood was released in a new edition by J&L Books.