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Antone's Picks: Pause, to Begin

This week photo-eye has seen a great deal of high quality photo books come through our door. Mark Power's The Sound of Two Songs and Cuny Janssen's Amami are just a few examples of great books I have continually been pulling off the shelf to take a second, third and even fourth look at. One book in particular came with high anticipation. Pause, to Begin has been on my list of books to get my hands on for some time, and I can honestly say, I am greatly thrilled to add this book to my private collection.

from the book Pause, to Begin

from the book Pause, to Begin

Pause, to Begin accompanies the exhibition by the same name, curated by David Wright and Ethan Jones. This modest hardbound is an exciting venture into the direction of contemporary photography. The book displays 15 unique photographers, all working independently of each other, but at the same time there is a common thread of exceptional approach. As Ethan Jones states in his brief introduction, "Pause, to Begin's chief purpose is to elevate and recognize passionate contemporary photographers whose work typifies technical and aesthetic skill, as well as conceptual intrigue... In creating this exhibition, we hope to highlight the uniqueness of each series and celebrate the photographic intuition and intelligence inherent to each of the fifteen photographers chosen to participate."

from the book Pause, to Begin

If you are interested in getting a well educated and intellectual view on this book, I highly suggest reading a fantastic review by George Slade in photo-eye Magazine. Click here to read Slade's full review.

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