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Nexus Press Books: Clarissa Sligh's Voyage(r)

I am sure many of you bibliophiles out there know about the great, and unfortunately now defunct, Nexus Press. Well, there are still a few of their books out there to be had including some of my favorites -- Clifton Meador's (Whisky) Defense and Memory Lapse, Bill Burke's Mine Fields and Phillip Perkis's Warwick Mountain Series. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a book signing for Clarissa Sligh, a photographer and a bookmaker whose work is featured in one of the Nexus publications. Another of my Nexus favorites is Sligh's Voyage(r) -- a Smythe sewn, duotone offset printed soft cover in an edition of 80. Subtitled Tourist Map to Japan, this volume is not just an expression of Sligh's own experience in Japan, but she also takes on the facts and artist interpretations of the bombing of this country by her own country during WWII. Completing the presentation is a small cloth bag which holds the book and whose pattern brings to mind a Japanese fan motif. A few signed copies in stock.

photo-eye is pleased to announce that we are able to get many of the Nexus Press books thought to be out-of-print including the ones mentioned above. Simply click on the title for more info or to purchase. Many of the titles are very affordable ranging in price from $15 to $50