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Tom Chambers on Dreaming in Reverse

Presumptuous Guests -- Tom Chambers

In the past few years, photographer Tom Chambers has received much attention for his works.  His series Entropic Kingdom has earned particular recognition when it places second at 2010 Px3 in Paris in the digital category.  Images "Saccharine Perch" and "The Goatherd" took first place at FotoWeek DC and at the 2009 Worldwide Photography Gala Awards respectively.  In 2009 Chambers was invited to participate in the Fotografica Bogota sponsored by Fotomuseo, the National Museum of Photography in Colombia.  A biennial, Fotografica 2009 Bogota was a gathering of sixteen international and twenty-four Colombian photographers.  Chambers has also been invited to participate in the 2010 Salon d'Automne where one of his images was chosen for the official poster.
Tethered Aviator -- Tom Chambers
Tom Chambers's new series Dreaming in Reverse was created during his recent travels in Mexico.  Though this is the first body of work that Chambers photographed in Mexico, I remembered him mentioning that some of his earlier work was inspired by earlier trips.  I asked Chambers to tell me a little more about his relationship with Mexico:

Over twenty years ago, I fell in love with Mexico as my wife and I traveled through the Michocan and Guerrero States in central Mexico.  Travel was easy as we moved about via bus transportation from cities to villages and back.  The drivers would stop for anyone along the side of the road waving a few pesos.  Buses were sometimes filled with chickens and goats, but always filled with friendly, helpful people.  Sadly, this area of Mexico is part of the drug corridor dominated by the drug cartels, and not as safe or comfortable to visit.  One our recent travels we were in the Yucatan area, and always felt welcome and safe.

Tom Chambers photographing in Mexico
In my first exploration of cities and villages, like Morelia and Patzcuaro, the religious icons caught my attention.  Painting of religious miracles, magic realism, and religious masks inspired my earlier Ex Votos series.
Outdoor installation of Prom Gown #3 at Fotografica Bogota
One of many inspiring moments at the Fotografica Bogota was connecting with fellow photographers, including Patricia Martin.  After returning to the States, Patricia and friend visited my family in Virginia, where we were able to share a little bit of the South with our new Mexican friends.  Almost a year later, with incredible graciousness Patricia and her family warmly welcomed us to the Yucatan, Mexico. 
The Yucatan, Campeche and Quintana Roo proved to be a treasure trove of photographic opportunities.  Majestic archaeological sites, intimate Mayan villages, gracious haciendas, magical religious icons, natural beauty in the cenotes and henneken fields, and gentle, friendly Mexican people grabbed at my heartstrings.
I am always grateful for travel, which broadens my view of the world and inspires artistic ideas, such as my series Dreaming in Reverse.

-- Tom Chambers

For more information on Chambers's work, contact photo-eye Gallery.