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A Closer Look - In the Near Distance

Greg Girard’s early primitive wanderings are something to take note of. There is a raw sense of isolation and elusiveness that exists in his early photographs, which appear in a new monograph titled In the Near Distance. Girard meandered through many different parts of Asia and British Columbia between 1973-1986 where these photographs were taken  - working jobs to feed his passion for travel and sometimes finding a darkroom to develop film and print photographs. Some of the images are taken in black and white, but many highlight Girard’s creative stylistic approach of using slide film alongside street lamps and electric bulbs. The aesthetic appeal of the artist’s photographs further the feeling of isolation and at times voyeurism.

The photographs in this publication are quite stunning – reminiscences of the 1970s and 80s. In the Near Distance explores the beginning vision of a young photographer while also adding a new dimension to the history of color photography, given the time period this work was produced in. Many of the image sequence between portraits (some the artist’s friends and others creatures of the night) and breathtaking city-scapes around the cities Girard frequented. Within this series we also glimpse the seedy red-light districts, dive bars and sometimes get a sense that the photographer is operating in a area of town that if most of us went to visit, we may just choose to keep it to ourselves.

from the book In the Near Distance
from the book In the Near Distance

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