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Photographer's Showcase & photo-eye Gallery Artist Update -- UPDATED

Blue Ridge Paper Mill, The Pigeon River, Canton, North Carolina -- Jeff Rich
We've just added new images to Photographer's Showcase artist Jeff Rich's portfolio Watershed which you can see here. Rich's work investigates the relationship between water, land and man in the microcosm of the French Broad River Basin, once one of the most polluted rivers in the country.While this environmental project is documentary in nature, Rich's images are so powerful because they can rightfully be called fine art. Capturing the interconnections between man and the environment, his images beautifully depicting how the two are functionally one entity -- for good or ill. Rich has continued the project, following the river from its headwaters to where it joins the Holston to form the Tennessee river.

UPDATE: It's just been announced that Jeff Rich has won the photolucida 2010 Critical Mass book award! Congratulations to Jeff -- we're already excited to see it!

Skylight Views, November 6, 2008 -- Rita Maas
Opening on February 17 at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA, is At Home, photographs by Photographer's Showcase artist Rita Maas. In this body of work, which you can see here on the Photographer's Showcase, Maas investigates the slow shift of time and the seasons as projected on windows, curtains and skylights. The triptychs capture a temporal image, the light, moisture, ice and shadows depict an ever changing view.

From Truss by Chris Dunker
 Chris Dunker from the Photographer's Showcase will be exhibiting a new body of work called Truss at House Gallery in Salt Lake City. The opening reception on February 18th will include a musical performance with music composed by Benjamin Taylor featuring Eric Hansen performing FE26. The reception runs from 5:30-9:00, with the concert starting at 5:30. Dunker has the remarkable ability to reveal the beauty of industrial spaces. The forms he focuses on and colors he uncovers are always stunning. See his Industrial Poems portfolio on the Photographer's Showcase here.

Power Plant -- Mitch Dobrowner
 photo-eye Gallery artist Mitch Dobrowner was recently featured on NPR's photo blog The Picture Show with his Urban Landscapes series. You can read the post here. In this series, the sprawl of massive cities are dwarfed by the landscape. It's easy to over look the cities in some of these luminous black & white images, as the sky and mountains are so imposing, but the cities are there, resting in the foreground.  There is something ominous about these images, the tension between man's creation and the earth is palpable. Check out Dobrowner's work on photo-eye Gallery here.

From Greece by Stella Johnson
New color work from Greece from Photographer's Showcase artist Stella Johnson will be featured at Panopticon Gallery in Boston in a new exhibit called Storyteller. The exhibition opens on February 24th from 5:30-7:30. Johnson's work on the Photographer's Showcase are black and white images from Mexico, Cameroon and Nicaragua, and show Johnson's adeptness at capturing fleeting moments that describe the relationships of people to each other and the places they live. You can see her portfolio here.