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Currently on Display - PART FOUR

Currently on Display is our on-going weekly feature investigating the individual works that are included in the show currently on display at photo-eye Gallery. These artist features include the images selected for this exhibition as well as the artists' thoughts and inspirations behind the individual image or images.

The featured images this week are: Origin, Bound and Biologique by Zöe Zimmerman, Crushed Bottles, Sayulita, Mexico by James Pitts and Observations on Lenticular, 1996 and Road and Crop Lines, 2001 by Kevin O’Connell.

Zöe Zimmerman
Origin by Zöe Zimmerman

"Simply, I think we all came from Africa originally. So, this young woman represents the first woman. An African Eve. The origin. The nest is also a symbol of our origins or birthplace, but really it is included in the image because it mirrors the spiral of her hair and I'm a sucker for symmetry."
-Zöe Zimmerman

Bound by Zöe Zimmerman

"Following loosely in the tradition of symbolic meaning in the elements of still life, I invent my own aesthetic vocabulary. In this image, the tulip represents beauty and the twine and box and pins are a depiction of the desire to own that beauty or contain it or capture it. This picture is a metaphor for what I feel is my task as a photographer. It is a discussion about the attempt to capture beauty." -Zöe Zimmerman

 Biologique by Zöe Zimmerman

"OK. Bluntly. This image is about sex. Really. Look at it. You need more of a map? The seed in the box is a spermatozoa in its own dark universe and up above it is a plethora of... vessels. Or choices. Or potentials. Or accidents. Or fantasies. Or hopes. Really." -Zöe Zimmerman

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 James Pitts

Crushed Bottles, Sayulita, Mexico by James Pitts
 "What interests me is documenting and juxtaposing marks casually left by man. These semi-identical, multitudinous images are everywhere, but draw minimal attention. The grid panel of Sixteen Crushed Plastic Bottles Sayulita, Mexico, is one example of my attempt to expose veritable urban artifacts."
 -James Pitts
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Kevin O’Connell
Road and Crop Lines (2001) by Kevin O'Connell
 "These pictures were made near the beginning of a journey that was to become (unbeknownst to me at the time) a lifelong obsession with vastness and the experience of being on the Great Plains. Then, my pictures were filled with mark making and were heavily influenced by artists such as Rothko and Newman. While somewhat abstract, these pictures rendered in the delicacy of platinum on paper, were intended to speak to some of the primal responses that could arise when navigating that wonderful sea of grass - awe, serenity, isolation, and fear. Today, my images continue with many of these themes in the context of the contemporary Western landscape." -Kevin O'Connell

Observations on Lenticular (1996) by Kevin O'Connell
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Anne Kelly, Associate Director photo-eye Gallery

*Next week's featured artists will be Nick Brandt and Raymond Meeks.

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