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photo-eye Gallery and Photographer's Showcase Artist Update

Mammatus: Texline, Texas -- Mitch Dobrowner
photo-eye Gallery artist Mitch Dobrowner has recently had two prints added to the photography collections of two prominent West Coast art museums -- the Portland Art Museum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Earlier this month Dobrowner released 11 new images, a continuation of his on-going Storms series. "Venturing even closer to storms than we have seen in his previous work, Dobrowner's photographs feature the awesome power of twisters in moments of furious beauty, capturing the force itself rather than the devastation they leave behind. Dobrowner’s photographs illustrate the unique and constant beauty nature provides should we take a moment to look above our own heads." -- from Cliff Shapiro's blog post on Mitch Dobrowner. See the rest of the post here. See Dobrowner's work here.

Faces #21, 2006 -- Dick Sanders
Photographer's Showcase photographer Dick Sanders recently had an image from his Faces on the Street series included in the exhibit Persona at the Darkroom Gallery in Essex Junction, VT. The images in this series were taken in downtown areas of Los Angeles and San Diego between 2006 and 2008. Of his process, Sanders says: "My method is to set up on a busy sidewalk and then ask passersby if they will stand for a portrait. Very few agree to participate. Those who do usually allow me just a minute or two. And there's the challenge. What can I draw out? What will they reveal? Always I am looking for emotional complexity and the suggestion of time beyond this one moment." See Dick Sanders' work on the Photographer's Showcase here.

Untitled -- Susan Bank
Susan Bank from the Photographer's Showcase is currently showing in three interesting exhibits. Women Photographers, part of Lehigh University's 40 Years of Women celebration, is open through December 16th at the Dubois Gallery, Bethlehem PA. Bank's work can also be seen in the New England Photography Biennial 2011 at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA, juried by photo-eye Magazine reviewer George Slade and is on view until November 13th. Finally, Bank's images are also included in 31 Contemporary Photographers at Galeries Speos in Paris, France, the final stop of the LensCulture International Exposure Awards exhibit. See Susan Bank's work on the Photographer's Showcase here.

Cover of Photographs 2001-2009 by Ken Rosenthal
Photographer's Showcase artist Ken Rosenthal has just released a monograph on the occasion of his first retrospective at Wall Space Gallery in Seattle. "Tightly edited from Rosenthal's 2001 series Seen and Not Seen through the 2009 series Days Between, this book contains a selection of 14 images that exemplify the artist's unique vision. Rosenthal's eerie and surreal images capture quiet reflections of memories that often merge the autobiographical with the universal. While dark in tone, the stunning photographs in this book capture a narrative of a haunting personal journey filled with subtle glimpses of hope and beauty." -- photo-eye New Arrivals Newsletter, 10/15/2011. See Rosenthal's book Photographs 2001-2009 here. See his portfolios on the Photographer's Showcase here.

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More information on the Photographer's Showcase is available here.