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Keith Carter on Slightly Awkward, Lovely Moments

Currently on display at photo-eye is a group exhibition which includes a selection of animal photographs by Keith Carter. In his photographs, Carter illuminates the intuitive meanings of images as would a poet. He doesn't seek reality but instead looks, as he says, "around the edges for those little askew moments - kind of like what makes up our lives - those slightly awkward, lovely moments." I have asked Keith to tell us a little more about the little askew moments in his images The Birth of Photography and Horse and Wolf. Enjoy! -Anne Kelly

Horse and Wolf -- Keith Carter
"Horse and Wolf was made on the west coast of Italy near Carrera. I was working on my Ezekiel's Horse book photographing the young stallion in his stall when the owner's (pet) wolf leaped up on the window. It was one of those peculiar and sublime moments."

Birth of Photography -- Keith Carter
"Birth of Photography was made at Lacock Abbey, Fox-Talbot's ancestral home. I thought the handsome English sheep contrasted nicely with the abbey in the background. It was a day to pay homage to the history of photography." -- Keith Carter

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